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About News Service Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

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About News Service Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

The Maslow Pyramid is a classic of Marketing, but do you really know its meaning? USA Email List Today we tell you what it is and how to use this theory in your Online Marketing strategy. The idea is to help you better know your target audience to differentiate yourself, segment well and plan your content much better.

estibaliz the rizos2 Hello, I’m Estibaliz. Today I collaborate on the blog to tell you about the Maslow Pyramid that you surely know but not adapted to social networks. I hope it helps you and that you can apply the tips to your online strategy.

The Maslow Pyramid is named for its creator, Abraham Maslow and to define his idea was inspired by his work “A theory of human motivation” in 1934. His theory is based on organizing from the bottom up the rational needs of the consumer, that is, you can see how a person prioritizes the needs you have to get to feel fulfilled. That’s where its importance lies.

And what role do companies, bloggers and Community Managers play in all this? Well, brands must meet the needs of people and for that they must know better those needs and how a person prioritizes them. Thanks to this we can establish very defined strategies to reach the customer.

Ecommerce SolutionsDebate and Maslow’s Pyramid:
Do needs exist or are created?
It is obvious that the needs already exist, we all have needs to satisfy, whether you are a person or a company, but the truth is that with the technological and social development, I think there are needs that have been created in some way.

How many things do we buy ourselves by letting ourselves be carried away by a “whim”? Did you really need that ipod when you have an MP4 where to listen to your music? Did you need to have 3 or 4 sports of the same brand but of a different color? Do you need to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant 3 or 4 times a week? I do not think so.

Speaking from my own experience, I have bought many things that I do not need, that do not satisfy any of the phases that make up the Maslow Pyramid but that calm my desire for consumerism. I think this, to a greater or lesser extent, happens to all of us, right?

Do all brands know how to create needs?
The reality is that no and the market, full of supply and demand, teaches us that you must be very good at creating a supposed need to someone.

maslow pyramid cosumismoEso yes, some brands have achieved it and it works like a charm. Nintendo, Samsung, Mc Donals, Amazon, Coca Cola, Inditex … have made people move from consuming them out of necessity, to consume them capriciously in an excessive way.

See the case of Apple in the world. Do you really need to have the new iphone that you take out every year? What need satisfies that you buy an iphone by season? Any. And feeling “cool” does not fall within the needs organized by The Pyramid of Maslow.

Real needs vs purchase impulse
A brand must know well what are the real needs of a person and what are simply mere whims that arise from the crazy feeling of consuming a brand that has renown and status, which is known as “desire for possession”.

In fact, the brand “does not care” why they consume it, whether it is by caprice or by necessity, what interests them is that they buy it. But it is very important to distinguish any of these cases because it will not be the same strategy that leads to a product designed to satisfy a need, than another destined to awaken that impulse “crazy” purchase.

Know the true needs of your target audience and what are just whims
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Positive reviews App ASOLa Traditional Maslow Pyramid
Motivation is very important in Maslow’s Pyramid. Knowing the needs of our target audience we can reach it in a more secure and direct.

Piramide_de_Maslow (Copy) (1) The Maslow Pyramid is composed of 5 steps where you will find the different types of needs a person has to live and that range from the most basic to those that make a person feel self-fulfilling. achieved the goals and objectives planned.

The basic idea of ​​the hierarchy that Maslow structured is that the “strongest” needs occupy our attention when the most basic needs have been met.