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About Project management tool

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About Project management tool

About Project management tool

Welcome to new marketing! Today I come to talk about a tool that is helping me a lot with this new digital marketing project assistant professor email list. It is a tool that we also use in the office to organize our work. (By the way, I work in Marketing, SEO and Web Analytics).

I must warn that it is not a specific digital marketing tool, but it is true that it can help any person or company to organize their work and be able to keep track of the tasks they perform or how many they have left to fulfill their objectives.

I’m Marketing

I know some digital marketing agency, even some marketing and advertising companies that use similar applications, surely they will have to pay and maybe even better, but with this I assure you that it will be more than enough for an average management of tasks and objectives. For those who do not want to spend money and do not mind having a task management tool in English, I present “ASANA”.

I’m not going to put screenshots of my company because I have work items that are confidential, and my personal three quarters of the same. I will put some generic screenshots. Once we have logged in, we found a main panel. In which we can observe the following fields:

TEAM CONVERSATIONS: To have conversations with the members of our team, that we have previously invited the project that we have created. This way we can have conversations with the members of our team. Personally it is one thing that I do not use much, to say nothing XD. I prefer other ways to communicate with my team.

TEAM CALENDAR: It is a more interesting option than the previous one that allows us to date our “task” (which is what the tasks we create are called). In this way we can organize a month, a quarter or even a year. The visualization allows you to see what tasks are for that day.

PROJETS: It is the place where our projects are located, it does not mean that they are the tasks that we have to perform, but it is a way of grouping the tasks. For example we can have a project that is “Development of a new product” where there would be typical tasks:

1- Product design
2- Target audience
3- Decisions on prices
4- Communication and advertising

In addition to these options, you can find others such as “MY TASKS”, “MY INBOX”, … These are options that I personally use little. The best thing is to download the mobile app or create an account and go testing, is the best way to learn and see if it is useful.

I leave the ASANA website, but I do not put the link, for SEO issues that I will discuss later in other articles. ?

ASANA website: www.app.asana.com

I apologize for offering a website “in works”, will soon be available in full, no one has more desire than me, I assure you. In future articles I will talk about digital marketing, marketing for companies, marketing plan and many other topics that can help those marketing students who are starting.