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About Service 100 Apps for the Community Manager and Online Marketing

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About Service 100 Apps for the Community Manager and Online Marketing

About Service 100 Apps for the Community Manager and Online Marketing

I want to share with you this collection of 100 mobile applications that will facilitate your Marketing and Social Media tasks. For the Community Manager, it is essential to have resources to carry out their work, receive alerts, create content and publish from outside the office or workplace. How many marketing apps do you have on top of?


Applications for the Community Manager
Mobile devices are becoming increasingly Canadian Email Lists important in the creation, development and monitoring of Online Marketing campaigns. For community managers and professionals in the sector it is great to have good tools on hand on our mobile or tablet.

We have selected the best mobile apps that exist today and we have grouped them according to their use and functions. If you click on the Itunes or Google Play icons, can you install them directly on your Android or iOS device?

Applications of search of sources and curing of contents
App feedlyIt is one of my favorite applications, since you can get much benefit as a curator and source of content. It allows you to add and classify your favorite information sources according to your own interests, topics and opinions. From the same application it is possible to easily share the latest content and the latest publications of your favorite blogs through social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is also compatible with programmers and automators such as IFTTT and Buffer, and can be synchronized with other applications such as Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote.

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Slideshare App Is the social network of slides and content par excellence. It allows you to upload files in Power Point and visualize them on the web with an attractive format, easy to read on mobile devices and to share on social networks. In addition, it gives you visualization statistics, you can download the material (if you authorize it) and make or receive comments. Two other possibilities offered by Slideshare are:

Keep track of your favorite sources and references (and let you know when there are new publications).
Sort your content by categories and interests to share them, insert them in your blog or publish them in your Linkedin profile.
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App pocket It is one of the most useful bookmark aggregators because you can save contents in post, video or image format to see them later, even without an Internet connection. You can classify your feeds by tags and share them on social networks. You can also associate the application with your email to send your favorite materials to your contacts via email and share valuable content with your readers. It has a section called Highlights that helps you to find more quickly the most interesting contents according to the readers and makes suggestions on topics related to the most relevant categories, websites and authors.

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It is an application that integrates a social network and a bookmark bookmark application for pages and articles of interest. It also works as an extension in your browser. From it you can update and distribute your own or other people’s content choosing, in an easy and direct way, the topics related to your brand or to the tastes of your audience. It allows you to create lists of interests and users, which can be a perfect ally in the strategy of disseminating content with your target audience. It is compatible with the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus) and with programmers such as Buffer.