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About Service 2000 infographics to learn Marketing in 50 categories

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About Service 2000 infographics to learn Marketing in 50 categories

About Service 2000 infographics to learn Marketing in 50 categories

We have compiled more than 2000 Online Marketing infographics and French Email Lists have classified them into more than 50 categories. They are great to learn in a more visual and entertaining way. We deal with all the topics: SEO, social networks, content marketing, Google Adwords, Marketing Plan, Google Analytics, Social Media tools, blogs, Ecommerce …

We have taken more than 2 years to make all this selection and we have made a board for each of the classes of our courses. It helps us (teachers) to take ideas and update us. And to the students and you it serves great to review concepts, discover new things and have visual compilations of many tips and tricks. We believe that they provide a lot of value and there are infographics that are wonderful, all the tricks that come together. We could say that it is a kind of visual encyclopedia of Digital Marketing.

French Business Email Lists

seo SEO Positioning
Infographics on: SEO audit steps, new SEO against old SEO, SEO concepts On page, html tags to position, SEO tools, history of SEO updates, how to recover from a Google penalty …

Number of infographics: 329


Content Marketing Content Marketing
Infographics about: content ideas for your blog, types of formats for content marketing, ways to spread your content, how to capture leads, errors in content marketing, how to get more visits, tools to do inbound marketing …

No. of infographics: 219


social media planSocial Media Plan
Infographics on: steps to make a social media plan, useful platforms for a marketing plan in social networks, how to set metrics and KPIs, guide and chops of SM plan, different objectives that you can ask yourself, how to know the ROI of your actions in networks social…

Number of infographics: 109


community managerThe Community Manager
Infographics on: favorite tools of the Community Manager, skills and qualities necessary, routine and day to day of the CM, what works and what does not for the community manager, how the CM has changed in recent years …

Number of infographics: 61


Infographics on: how to set up a blog and what platforms to choose, advantages of making a blog, types of articles that you can write, how to choose good titles, graphic resources for your blog, checklist of tips for bloggers, tips to increase visits to your blog …

Number of infographics: 102


semSEM and Google Adwords
Infographics on: steps to make a campaign in Google AdWords, tips and advice for SEM campaigns, ad optimization guide in AdWords, types of ads and formats to advertise in Google, steps to make remarketing campaigns …

Number of infographics: 53


NetworksComparison of Networks
Infographics on: statistics of social networks, differences of each social network, the best schedules to publish in each one, different measures for the images and cover photos of each social network, how to get more followers, the most used social networks in the world…

Number of infographics: 52


emailEmail marketing
Infographics on: steps to create a perfect email marketing campaign, the different email sending platforms, tips and tricks to open more your emails, different types of emails that you can send to your database, how to get subscribers …

Number of infographics: 75


Infographics on: how to sell more with your online store, different platforms to set up your online store, advantages and disadvantages of each Ecommerce system, the best plugins and modules to install in your online store, legal advice for Ecommerce …

Number of infographics: 46


build the webbuild the web
Infographics on: online tools to generate web content, types of hostings and list of the best, the best websites of 2015, steps to make your web responsive, the best popup systems on the web, how to improve the safety and health of your site …

Number of infographics: 75


Infographics on: tricks and tips to succeed on Pinterest, example of brands that use Pinterest in a great way, how to optimize your images for pinterest, SEO advantages, how to get more followers, better tools to create images for pinterest …

Number of infographics: 26


social media statisticsSocial media statistics
Infographics on: statistical numbers of each social network, 2015 data on the use of networks, web analytics, how to view statistics in Social Media, monitoring tools and analysis for the web and social networks, tips for Google analytics …

Number of infographics: 28


Facebook Facebook
Infographics on: the best applications for your company page on Facebook, tips to have more reach, how to get new followers, example of the best campaigns on Facebook by other brands, how Facebook ads work …

Number of infographics: 84