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About Service 24 steps to improve the loading speed of your WordPress

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About Service 24 steps to improve the loading speed of your WordPress

It is important that the loading speed of your website is Australia Email List fast for several reasons: improvements in the usability of the page and, therefore, the browsing experience of your users, and favor the natural positioning of your website for search engines. Here are some techniques to achieve that acceleration.


Tricks to accelerate any Web
Although the speed of a web depends on many factors, of  which there are some that are not typical of the same page, we can apply some tricks to make it faster and offer the best experience to visitors. These are tips that we usually give to our students of the WordPress course and also in the WordPress Online course

1 341. Choose a good hosting
No matter how optimized your website is, if it is hosted in a low quality hosting, with few resources, your website will crawl. It would be like trying to use the latest version of the Adobe software suite on a computer 5 years ago, to make an analogy.

You must host your website in a hosting plan with features that facilitate speed and better if it is configured for WordPress. In the article that David Campos published, you have a list of the best recommended hosting.

The benefits you should look for would be at least the following:

Enough hard disk space (from 3 Gb), preferably they are SSD
99.999% uptime guarantee
In shared accommodation isolation technology and resource guarantee
5 92. Choose a fast loading design
What is shown to your visitors is your design, the theme or template chosen to beautify and facilitate access to your content. The problem is that sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect balance between performance and speed.

We let ourselves be guided by the aesthetics of the demos that the creators of the designs show us when in fact what will mark the image of our website will be our corporate image, our photos and our products.

The golden rule is to use a theme as minimalist as possible:

White backgrounds, without images or embellishments
Code optimized with the latest web technologies: HTML5, CSS3
Compatible with the latest versions of all browsers
Compatible with W3C standards
Using standard WordPress functions
24 73. It uses a cache system
All content creation and management systems (CMS) use databases to store information and display the content and functionality of your website.

This generates lots of queries from your website to the database every time a visitor sees a page of your website, and this is multiplied by the number of users who are visiting your website at that time.

The sequence, for you to understand, is something like this:

The user accesses a web page that contains images, text, a comment form and buttons to share on social networks.
The CMS must, in real time, show the images and consult the database the text to be displayed, if there are comments, the dates of both, what social icons to show, how many times it has been shared in each network, etc., etc.
The images are loaded from the corresponding folders of the housing and the content, comments, etc, are shown with the information stored in the database.
All this process is quite fast, but much less than it would be to show all that information if it were static, without changes in real time.

For this reason, what is an advantage of CMS, the dynamic content in real time, means that everyone is less quick to load than, say, a static HTML web page, whose information is always the same and does not have to check for updates of content anywhere else.

And to counteract this way of working, cache systems are used, which will show “fixed photos” to visitors, instead of consulting the database in each visualization of your website.

For WordPress there are many good cache plugins that will perform this task for you in a simple way.


Fusion profile and fan page Facebook4. Use a CDN
Content delivery networks, or Content Delivery Networks, are cloud services that offer high-speed distributed hosting to deliver dynamic content.

What they do is store copies of data from other sites that redistribute from their cache system and several data centers scattered around the world and deliver them to visitors to your website but at a higher speed.

For any website what it means is that it can show its content more quickly, improving loading times and, consequently, improving the visitor experience and search engine positioning.

There are many CDN but the most used, and free, are CloudFlare, Incapsula, Photon and jsDelivr, of which the most recommended are CloudFlare and Photon.

For practical purposes, what they offer to a website is to serve its contents, especially images, d