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About Service Challenges and future trends of Marketing and Advertising – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

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About Service Challenges and future trends of Marketing and Advertising – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

About Service Challenges and future trends of Marketing and Advertising – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

Meet the challenges and future trends of marketing, Pay Per Click Management (PPC) communication and advertising. What awaits us for the next years? Five marketing agencies tell us what is to come and how we should prepare for the 2nd Meeting of Agencies. An annual event that we organize and attended by more than 300 professionals in the sector.


Main challenges for Marketing
The presenter Alicia Senovilla was commissioned to raise this issue at the 2nd Meeting of Agencies, held in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. What challenges and trends should Marketing face in the future? Makers to answer this interesting question were directors and CEOs of Socialmood, Mr Burns, Social Noise, Trending Topic Communication and Creative Territory.

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Professionals who participated in the debate
This debate had the enriching contribution of five professionals who work every day with clients and major brands. They are in direct contact with reality and their vision of the future helps us prepare for what is to come. We have made a literal transcript of your comments in order not to misrepresent your words.


1. Content continues to reign
Increasingly, consumers demand that the content is correct, that is, not worth with hard information. There are many consumers, there are many ecommerce businesses, and what people require is that the information is very concise. For that, you have to train more Community Managers, they have to know how to write and the content has to be very precise. That is basic. The content has been the past, is the present and will be the future. He will continue reigning. It is a trend always. Paula Fraile


Relevance will be the queen2. The relevance is the “queen”
The issue of relevance generated a lot of conversation. All participants agreed on its importance, although some stressed how difficult it is to get it. Here you have the full thread of the talk and everything you gave of it.