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About Service From 11 models of curriculums vitae + 20 examples + 21 tools

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About Service From 11 models of curriculums vitae + 20 examples + 21 tools

About Service From 11 models of curriculums vitae + 20 examples + 21 tools

The good choice of one UK Business Email List or the other typology when making the Curriculum can be decisive for the job interview. For that reason today we are going to analyze the different models of curriculum vitae with which we can play and to see some examples that help us to understand them better.

Milena González Hello, I’m Milena. Today I collaborate on the blog to show you models, good examples of resumes and tools so you can customize your CV. Good luck in your job search ?

icono-09Modelos de Curriculum Vitae
Choose the type you choose, the fundamental thing in any case is to be consistent and consistent in the presentation. Before venturing into any style, it is important to decide which is the most appropriate according to our objective.

Even a person with a short work or academic history can achieve a rich and interesting result if he is able to play well with the advantages of each model.

  1. American model
    American curriculum model It is frequently used by companies in the United States, especially among young university graduates.

It occupies a maximum of two sheets.
It is characterized by placing personal data in the header of the page as a letterhead. This area establishes a background relationship to provide the interviewer only what he needs for that specific offer.
It is identified by its brevity and its conciseness.
It is very effective at awakening interest and attracting the attention of the coach.

  1. European model (Europass)
    Ecurriculum vitae examples longer and more detailed than the American version we have just seen. It offers several sections: personal data, studies, work activity and additional information of interest.

It is easy to fill in because it is simply to fill in each section and delete those that we are not interested in incorporating.
Personal data is usually located in the first section.
The section dedicated to languages ​​is accompanied by a table where you can place the different levels according to the nomenclature of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. According to which: Level: A1 / A2: basic user – B1 / B2: independent user – C1 / C2: competent user
This typology is used mainly in job search portals that have forms to fill with this default format.
In general, care should be taken to ensure that all the information fits on a sheet, one side of a sheet of paper DIN-A4 or two at the most.