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About service from What a good ad! But what did they sell? What brand was it?

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About service from What a good ad! But what did they sell? What brand was it?

About service from What a good ad! But what did they sell? What brand was it?

When it comes to generating brand notoriety, it is supposed that the most effective ads are in mass media that transmit a “story”, how much more spectacularly better. The goal is to maximize the number of people who remember it.The theory is simple and seems to make all the sense. But as often happens, one thing is theory and reality is very different.

How many times has it happened to you when you finish watching an ad, but you are not clear about the brand or the product? Or worse, you do not remember either one or the other! More than once, right? #Chief Executive Officer Email List

marketoonist super bowl ads
This is something that happens recurrently on television. And one of its greatest exponents are the television campaigns that appear in the Super Bowl breaks in the United States (and that perfectly reflects the Marketoonist cartoon).
For years the campaigns that are issued during the event are the subject of comments, publications, etc. both before, and after the game. They are part of the campaign itself.
This obviously favors the memory of the main campaigns, but does this make the “forgetting” effect disappear?
The reality of the audience is that they are totally saturated with advertising. The number of impacts received by the sum of the means is huge.

Chief Executive Officer Email List

How can we defend ourselves against invasive advertising?
To defend ourselves from the advertising bombardment, we have developed several tactics:

Blindness effect: after so long we have developed the ability to ignore advertising (we see it, but we do not process it).
Pay TV and digital platforms (Netflix, HBO): where we are supposedly free of advertising. I say supposedly because in some pay television they keep putting an ad before a content for which you have paid (it does not stop surprising me).
Advertising blockers or Adblockers: on the Internet we can avoid them using this simple tool that blocks the most annoying formats. Although this has a trick, as pointed out by Enrique Dans (in the case of Google because it becomes a judge and part by including it in its latest version of Chrome, under an alleged agreement between them and the main agencies and advertisers.) Agreements always open to suspicions).
Search for alternatives: we can look for less aggressive media with advertising, messaging applications instead of social networks (these applications have more users than social networks since 2015), etc.
Given this scenario many may think that advertising has days counted. Nothing is further from reality. It is a sector in continuous evolution that in recent years is undergoing many changes and faster and faster.
The problem is with advertisers and media that misuse it. The abuses and their deficient use, make us in the current situation.

What can we do to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns?
To begin with, we must turn to the basic principles of marketing. We have to forget the noise and focus on what we know works.
What makes our communication better received? How do we get it to be remembered?

With a strong brand and with a message that is directly related to it. That allows our audience to relate brand and product.
Segmenting to reach our audience most interested in our proposal.
Delivering the value proposition that our audience demands, not the one that the company wants to deliver.
In short, applying relevant marketing that both improves the response to the communication of the company.
These criteria are directly applicable to any of the digital channels, but especially to paid media (since they allow us to force them). We can do it on television, display (especially with RTB), email marketing, ppc …
But we can not forget the other media (own and won), how can we complement this strategy and enhance the impact of paid media?