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About Service News 20 successes and failures of Online Marketing strategies – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

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About Service News 20 successes and failures of Online Marketing strategies – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

About Service News 20 successes and failures of Online Marketing strategies – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

Five agencies tell us the Online Marketing strategies  Germany Email Lists that work best and worst. Discover some cases of success and failure in Social Media and Digital Marketing, in the hands of professionals who work every day with clients and brands. They are the conclusions of 5 agencies in the 2nd Meeting of Agencies, an annual event that we organize and attend more than 100 agencies.


Strategies that work and fail in Online Marketing
This was one of the topics of debate of the 2nd Meeting of Agencies, organized by Aula CM in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes and presented by Alicia Senovilla. Five agencies participated and gave their point of view: The Pack, TwinMedia, Lewis PR, Deva and Vass Digital. The conclusions reached are very interesting for any professional or marketing student.

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Professionals who participated in the debate
This discussion table of the 2nd Meeting of Agencies had a luxury team that knew how to transmit their proposals clearly and forcefully. We have transcribed them almost literally so as not to distort their words.


Laura Ramos de Blas, La ManadaLaura Ramos de Blas, La Manada

“Creating an emotional bond with the user and with the client is one of the most important things”


José Noblejas, Twin MediaJosé Noblejas, Twin Media

“Brands must be sociable in social networks and communicate to people”

1. The best strategy is one that is aimed at a person
To begin with, failure is necessary to succeed. If you always have a strategy of success and the data is always with you, it is more likely that you will rest on your laurels.

The best strategy is one that is aimed at a person. An example of failure in online marketing strategies and social media is to forget that behind who operates a mobile phone, turn on a tablet or is on a computer there is a person.

This is like the first love with which you were striving to make it dull. How did you do it? Highlighting a little, investigating … Not striving to be one more, but striving to be someone outstanding. Many times we forget that we have to tinker with followers, fans, our friends in social networks, our customers. And that may be the main reason for our failure.

We try to focus a lot on words like Adwords, Analytics, trending topic, Hootsuite … All very metric. And we forget something fundamental: mentions, interactions, people talk to me, do not talk to me, I do not listen to them … José Noblejas.