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About Service News 23 programs to create animated GIFS and moving images

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About Service News 23 programs to create animated GIFS and moving images

About Service News 23 programs to create animated GIFS and moving images

Animated GIFS are in vogue. USA Consumer Email Lists And is that social networks have returned to give another opportunity to this format that before the 2000 revolutionized web pages. This type of image format gives a different touch to your blog and your networks. Do yo want know how they are made? Do you know where we can find them quickly?

failures analysis What is a GIF?
A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of consecutive images that are presented in sequence. It is a moving image that is limited to 256 colors.

They are again fashionable as a visual resource thanks to the power of social networks. They are displayed quickly, usually do not last more than 10 seconds and usually in the same window we are working on.

We do not worry about its poor image quality and its limitation in frames per second since the goal of entertaining the user fulfills it. We have seen in the history of the GIF, that the goal of this has been cFormatos videos Youtubeambiando, to give dynamism to boring websites to create an idle smile on social networks. When including a GIF in our networks we must create it or look for it in specialized pages, but always remember not to abuse this resource.

It is characterized by its simplicity of editing and the little space they occupy. That makes it a very viral and practical format when sharing on networks.

Defining objectives Content Plan Why use animated GIFS?
A GIF presents a series of advantages that will compete with other types of formats.

Its fast reproduction. It weighs so little that it allows the automatic reproduction of the image without having to use other means.
Virality. If you like it a lot it will become viral in seconds. When you weigh so little, you share much easier.
Perfect accompaniment to our publications. If we add a GIF, our contributions in our networks will be much more visual and fun. But do not abuse.
Thematic variety. We have so many GIFs classified by themes, that we are always going to find one that gives an image to what we want to say.
Easy creation There are a large number of programs, online tools and mobile applications that in a simple way allow us to create from 0 a GIF.

19 8Programs to create an animated GIF from your computer
There are different programs to create a gif. You can install them on your computer and start creating moving images. It allows you to use your own images and videos to start creating sequences.

Photoshop lets us work with a timeline, just like video editing programs do. Once the images have been chosen, we will place them in our line. We will use the layers panel to select what will be displayed and what will not. In this way we are creating the sensation of movement.

If you do not have your own photos, here I leave you 50 banks of images free of rights.