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About Service News From Checklist to publish WELL a new web page design

Today I am going to show you a list of tips Social Media Marketing that you should not overlook when publishing a new website design. There are 33 points that you must take into account before publicizing the new design of your website. I have prepared a list that you can check to see which ones you already have.

In order for your website to transmit as much professionalism as possible, you must polish a series of details that will make a difference. The main objective of this checklist is to avoid all those errors that may transmit a bad brand image, worsen your SEO or improve the user experience possible.

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Marking Checklist of the 33 points:
First impression
Works well on all devices

Consistent with your branding

Coherence in typographies

Includes favicon

Consistency in design


Cookies policy

Legal contents

Links to social networks

Links to share in social networks

Contact forms work correctly

Check the default category of your tickets

Friendly urls

Check your website in all browsers


RSS Feed

Check your texts

Stable menu with your final sections

Titles and meta descriptions

Remove all Demo content

Redirecting urls

Roles of correct users

Location data


Call to action (CTA)

Target of the links

Difference the advertising of the contents

Avoid the Captchas

Texts in the same language throughout the web

Avoid stock images that transmit little

Clear and transparent prices

Contrast between text and images


Each of the points explained:
83First printing:
Users who arrive at your website must identify your main message at first glance. You must put yourself in the skin of your target and determine if they will receive the correct message.

They must also see at first glance what you do, what you offer or what you sell. This first impression is very important.

You do not want your visitors to have no idea about what your website is about when they arrive, so make sure that in the Home of your site you have placed enough information that transmits a clear and powerful main message.


27 Check that it works well on all devices.
That your template is responsive does not mean that all its elements are going to adapt correctly to all devices.

There are many levels of responsiveness, and although your website is seen correctly on computers and mobile phones, you should check that all the elements that make up are adapted in the best way possible.

Check that all texts are correctly scaled on smaller screens, as well as shortcodes, elements that contain animations, subscription and contact forms, and texts by Sliders.

It is also convenient to do tests on larger screens. Depending on the dimensions of your photos, it may happen that in some of your rows at full width, or sliders, the image does not cover the full width of these screens.


81Coherence with your branding.
You must follow an aesthetic line according to your personal brand or branding of your business. Always use the same colors for all elements of your website, buttons, links, and other visual elements.

Using too many colors distracts attention from the main elements and can be confusing, as can using very bright colors. A good solution is to use a single color range with different saturation levels.