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About Service News From Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make announcements

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About Service News From Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make announcements

About Service News From Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make announcements

In this Facebook Ads Guide I try to Social Media Advertising explain all its functions step by step and explain how to optimize your results. I hope that with these tips you will be able to create and improve your campaigns to be more profitable. The possibilities are almost endless. We are going to discover them together.

Instagram-adsFacebook has updated the design of the ad manager, so I’ll also take the opportunity to review the statistics analysis, the ad formats available on Instagram and the new Facebook conversion analysis method.

I have grouped all the information in 10 sections to make it easy for you to follow the guide and you also have this tutorial with the steps to create a campaign available:

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Campaign types and ad formats
The first thing is to start knowing what types of campaign you can create on Facebook so that you can differentiate each objective well and know how to choose the most appropriate one. In total you have 10 options with ad subtypes depending on the format and its location.

1. Promote your publications
The objective is to encourage participation in your publications (I like you, comments and shares). It can be a great boost if you’re new to Facebook or if you can not get your posts to work on their own. Indirectly, this will make your average reach on Facebook better in the next organic publication.

Remember that the key is to promote valuable content that helps, entertains and inspires your community. You have 3 formats available: