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About Service News How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog

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About Service News How to create a Calendar and Content Plan for your Blog

Creating a calendar and content plan both your blog and Canadian Email Lists social networks is more than necessary if you want to create a strategy to capture traffic and customers in the medium and long term, and what is more important, it is necessary to optimize this strategy correctly so if you have a blog grab Excel and a notebook and take notes.

Jesús Madurga Having a calendar and content plan in your strategy is the difference between fishing with a rod or fishing with your hand. Now you yourself value if it is worth having one.

What is a content plan and what is it for?
Definition of content plan
“A content plan is the method by which we create and program our calendar and content strategy in our blog, social networks, email marketing …”

Although in this case we are going to focus on the calendar and content plan for blog, this should be a joint strategy to attract customers online. Creating a strategy will allow you to program recruitment actions over time, improve those channels that are worse results or boost those that are working better.

What is a content plan for?
A content plan adds a lot of value to any brand. Among others, its greatest benefits are:

Improve brand image: Improve your brand image by disseminating valuable content. The reader will have more in mind your brand if your content is of quality and will see you as an expert in that matter, so that in the medium and long term your brand image as a reference in the sector will improve. This if you create items as they occur to you is practically impossible.
Get web traffic: Getting traffic is one of the greatest virtues of the content, since this will be the one that brings clients afterwards. Achieving quality traffic in abundance depends on the strategy we have planned, hence the importance of this strategy in the online marketing of the company.
Planning the times: Sometimes we do not have time to do everything or we have not calculated well. This with a content plan will never happen to you, or if it happens to you it will be the first time, afterwards you will already know the time that each task takes you and if you plan realistically you will always give time to everything.
Achieve the objectives: If you do not set goals you are more likely to put less effort into the tasks because there is no minimum to meet. With a content plan, you will be able to establish minimum objectives that will make you work harder to achieve them.
Optimize actions: With a content plan you will have a history of the actions taken, so you can see which ones have worked best and why to repeat them again and which ones have been the worst to improve them or stop doing them, with what you can take a constant optimization of your online marketing strategy.

Steps to create a content plan for the blog
Analysis Plan of ContentsAnalyze the current situation
A brief, concise situation analysis and highlighting the key points is how we do it in NeoAttack and how I recommend you do it. It is useless to make a hyper-extensive analysis since we will have to fine-tune it often, so that something concise and to the point in this case will be much better.

Example of situation analysis for content plan:


My competition creates content for your blog weekly and delivers it in the form of videos and podcasts.
My competence creates its contents in tutorial format and practical guides mainly.

My clients are people and companies that seek to improve their online presence.
Given the technological difficulty of my products, my clients attach great importance to the brand, product information and technical support.
My clients demand mostly the cheapest online products and the most expensive ones are reported and then they ask in the store.

My company has online marketing staff but they do not know how to create content or how to position them.
My company has resources to invest in marketing and advertising so I could invest in a content marketing agency (like NeoAttack).