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Advantages of optimizing the usability of your website

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Advantages of optimizing the usability of your website

We know as usability the set of applications that allow the user an effective navigation within a website .
buy youtube views  This quality is measured by the ability of users to interact with an electronic portal. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to adapt a series of tools integrated in the system. Usability is determined when we relate these tools to their effectiveness in fulfilling the predefined purpose.

Some websites do not seem to have optimized their usability when navigation within these is complex . Therefore, it is possible to identify which are the errors that complicate the necessary interaction. For this, the elements belonging to the “usability” component are observed and compared with different options. Such elements have to do with the design of the page, which can be very creative but not very usable.

When we optimize the usability of a site, we improve the design elements so that the experience of the visitors is of quality . Among the elements that favor or harm the quality of experience on a website, we have:

  • typography
  • Links
  • Scrollbars
  • images, flash, videos

To ensure that our website is optimized in these elements, you must know the basic principles of usability. Likewise, it is necessary to adapt most of these elements according to the purpose of the web . For this reason, taking into account the importance of optimizing the quality of design we tell you how it benefits our site.

What are the advantages of optimizing the usability of our website?

The creation of a website can be simple, especially when there are so many tools to do so. However, the design of a site requires much more expertise than we think. Some components of the design may seem interesting, but they are not necessarily ideal .

An optimized site in every way guarantees the user’s permanence and a potential return. Why the user decides to leave your website and why do you decide to

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stay? Some pages manage to attract visitors but lose their advantage due to usability flaws . If when arriving at a place this one becomes uncomfortable, difficult to read, unmanageable and complex, the most probable thing is that user abandons it in a few seconds.

Sometimes the content is good and on your website is everything the visitor looks for, but their experience is negative. The consequences are serious, you will have lost work, time and maybe money. The worst of this is that by small details you may be harming the usability of your website . This means that you are missing out on the advantages offered by an optimization of your design elements. We tell you what these advantages are.

  • A good experience and user satisfaction encourages the return to your page , which we call loyalty
  • Promote positive comments about your work in other media . The visits recommend the web, that is, visits are multiplied
  • Improve communication with your potential buyers
  • It generates more traffic that makes you grow
  • Maximize visit times
  • Helps to reduce the percentage related to the bounce
  • Boosts the increase in online sales

How to optimize the usability of the web?

The first recommendation is that you think of the buy youtube views user as if you were one of them . Abandon as much as you can those exaggerated ideas, based on your personal tastes. As nice as a rainbow looks in typography, too many colors confuse visitors. That is, try a concise, clean and easy to read design. Other aspects that we must improve are the following:

  • The logo of your website should always lead to the home page . Even so, it is convenient to add back buttons.
  • It facilitates the tools so that visitors find what they are looking for in less time and effort. Experts recommend that the goal be no more than three clicks.
  • Structure the web so that the contents are well defined and organized hierarchically
  • Use the elements that complement the written information (videos, images, vectors, etc …), but without exaggerating in size, color and quantity
  • Includes an accessible, visible and defined menu . It should always be located up or left side if it were more extensive. The menu should be visible in all the pages where the user is
  • Make sure the user can interact with your content , such as download information, increase the size of the images or display a menu with simplicity. Make sure that these links work correctly
  • Remove all information that is not necessary . This guarantees the cleanliness of the design.
  • Avoid the deployment of pop-up pages as much as possible
  • Do not leave blank spaces , but do not reload the page
  • Keep in mind that the usability of your website seen on a desktop is also seen on a mobile device
  • Place a site map
  • Perform a geographic segmentation For an international audience it is necessary to include as many additional languages ​​as possible .

As you’ve seen, usability is not just a matter of design. The web of a company can benefit from the optimization of this aspect of the web . A quality experience within your site offers advantages that can not be wasted. More visits to our website are the guarantee of growth in every way. That is why each ingredient must be in place and at the time the user wants it.