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Amazon Dash button: your orders just one click away

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Amazon Dash button: your orders just one click away

Amazon would not be Amazon if it did not present every so often an innovation destined to change our lives. Some of these novelties have had a long journey, such as the Kindle, while others, such as the delivery of purchases by drones, have so far achieved more smiles than immediate interest Buy VP Quality Email Lists . Another innovation introduced by this giant has been the  Amazon Dash button . In this way, the leader of online orders seeks to position itself at the forefront of domestic consumption , at the intersection between home automation, mobile applications and the IOT ( Internet of Things) .

Refueling at the push of a button

Amazon wants that when a good of everyday consumption is being finished, the user’s behavior is “to see that it is running out, to press and to receive it”. The mechanism is simple: Amazon gives you as many Dash devices as you want, with a price of five pounds that are deducted from the first purchase you make. The Dash buttons adhere to anywhere in the house and connected by wifi or bluetoothto the application installed on your mobile. Pressing the button activates the command of the product that is running out: from diapers or razor blades to toilet paper, and from doses for the coffee maker to detergent for the washing machine. Then the system allows, during a pre-established period, modify the order in the app. To avoid problems, the system ignores the accidental pressing, considering a single command to be valid per button, until its delivery.

Perhaps the most important point in favor of the Dash button is the large number of alliances that Amazon has sealed with the main brands present in our homes, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Some of them are Air Wick, Ariel, Fairy, Finish, Gillette, Huggies, Johnson’s, Kleenex, Listerine, Nescafe, Neutrogena, Vanish or Whiskas. Harassed by the white brands of large stores, the manufacturer brands find a good alternative for the future in the distribution channel of Amazon, and quickly point to each new technological development of the company in Seattle.

The director of Amazon Dash, Daniel Rausch, said at the press conference held in the Luxembourg capital that ” we have all felt the frustration of seeing how a basic product of the home is finished, and now we guarantee that, by simply pressing the button, the command is executed and the item is already on the way “. Obviously, manufacturers can not be more satisfied with this new form of purchase, almost passive or at least unconscious, which in the long term will avoid complicated negotiations with the points of sale – always so demanding, and that may also have a favorable impact on the reduction of your advertising investment. According to the Wall Street Journal , brands want to be close to Amazon because that guarantees them all kinds ofnew channels of access to the consumer , although later some work and others do not. In addition, to be present prestige brands, so in any case is a good strategy of Branding.

Factory installation in household appliances

But the Amazon project is even more ambitious. The second phase is the so-called Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) , which allows the installation of the system in the main appliances making the old dreams of home automation come true . Amazon has already made available to manufacturers the technology and order processing system in the cloud. Among the companies that are already working on the integration of the button to purchase consumables from Amazon are Bosch, Siemens, Grundig, Samsung and Whirlpool. This latest brand has already announced the integration of Amazon’s DRS with its mobile app, which allows remote control of all of its appliances by the user. Thus, in addition to starting the bakery while traveling back home, or schedule when to start the process of washing clothes or dishes, the user will see if the washing machine has ordered more detergent or the dishwasher has ordered tablets antical, etcetera. It is foreseeable that for each device it can be established both the prior confirmation of the orders by the owner, case by case, as an automated command configurationbased on the instructions initially established by the user.