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Analysis and results of the best cache plugins for WordPress Service News.

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Analysis and results of the best cache plugins for WordPress Service News.

Analysis and results of the best cache plugins for WordPress Service News.

A fast web page Australia Consumer Email Lists brings more traffic, reduces rebound percentages and positions better in search engines. In this post I tell you which are the best Caché plugins in WordPress so you can install one and improve SEO, content and user experience on your website.

pedro méndezI’m Pedro and I want to share with you good tricks to know how to choose the best cache plugin for your web / blog. A very useful feature that will help you to improve the creation of great content!

The problem of the speed of the web
High load times on a page have a negative effect on your WordPress website, and caching ensures that you never have to pay attention to this problem. It may take you some time to set it up but it’s definitely worth it. The final goal is to get the lowest possible pages load and for that I want to do with you an evaluation of several available plugins and classify them based on load times in a test environment.

Google takes the speed of your site very seriously and is one of the main factors for its classification algorithms. This is very simple: a faster site classifies better than a slower one. We all like to surf in an agile and fast web, right? If your website is slow I suggest you read this other post with 24 steps to improve the speed of loading your WordPress.

Well, when it comes to improving speed, most webmasters include caching plugins. The installation of a quality and reputable plugin can drastically improve the page load time of your site and save a lot of work (and money). Something that we all want.

Then I explain what is a cache plugin and its context before passing the tests:

Caching plugins store all HTML files dynamically generated in the cache and are served directly from there. Basically, what happens is that your site is reusing the data generated previously. Therefore, each time a new request is made to retrieve some data, the browser retrieves the cached version instead of having to load all the PHP scripts over and over again. Doing this allows you to improve the page load time for visits to your site.

Cache pluginsExperiment and web analytics tools
To evaluate and teach you the best caching plugin, I will conduct an experiment. It consists of trying a real WordPress site with an easily customizable theme and at the same time a real and complete WordPress website, like any other company. This includes:

More than 200 posts
Other plugins like: Contact Form 7, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.
A theme compatible with WooCommerce and has an electronic store with all the descriptions and images of the products.
The website is hosted in a hosting with a shared hosting plan (since it is the option most used by most companies and the most optimal and profitable alternative)
Clarify that during the experiment, the status of the web page remains the same for all caching plugins, this means that no plugin was given an additional advantage over the others. The tools that I have used, are designed to test webs with criteria different from those of speed. I mean that factors such as: