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ASO Guide: positioning of mobile applications and Apps Service

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ASO Guide: positioning of mobile applications and Apps Service

ASO Guide: positioning of mobile applications and Apps Service

Juan González Villa is a SEO specialist focused on the user. Today Buy Facebook Page Like he shares with us 12 tricks and factors to position an application in Google Play and App Store: ASO. These recommendations can be useful to improve the app of your business and increase the number of downloads. We leave you with him.


Juan González Villa @seostratega Congratulations. You have finally finished your app and uploaded it to Google Play and the App Store. But now, who is going to download it? And most importantly: what can you do to get your target audience to find your app? You need a strategy You need … ASO.

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App Store Optimization is everything that helps your app rise in the App Store or Google Play rankings. That is, ASO is like doing SEO for apps, but it has its own rules.

Why do you need to take good care of your ASO? Because users discover most of the apps that are installed in the search engine of the app stores. And because between App Store and Google Play there are more than 3 million apps available to choose from. Think about it: your app is one of 3 million.

But there is good news. Many developers do not consider the ASO. They place their app in the store and they will create the next, without doing anything else. Therefore, attend to this list of factors. If you have them all in mind from the beginning and you get the most out of them, you may have the most downloaded app in your niche.


12 ASO factors to position your App in Google Play and App Store
Title and description ASO1. Create a good title and a good description, including your keywords
The title and description is the first impression that users will have of your app. The more attractive the better, but remember that if they do not include your keywords, your chances of appearing in the search engine decrease.

For example, if your app shows tennis results, I would include “tennis” and “results” in my title. You will have many possibilities for interested users to discover it, if you get creative and the title “ATP Tie Break”. If you like the Tie Break, you could call it: “Tie Break – Tennis results in real time”.

App Store also allows you to indicate a series of keywords or relevant keywords. You can include as many as they fit in a maximum of 100 characters. Google Play Store does not give this possibility.


Category App ASO2. Place your app in the correct category
Google Play only allows you to choose a category, so you have to choose it very carefully. App Store is more flexible, allows to indicate 2 categories (or 3 if the app is a game).

If your app can fit into two categories and you have doubts, sometimes you should opt for the least competitive category. That is, if in a category there are no clear dominators, it will cost you less to reach the top positions.


ASO3 App Downloads. The number of downloads counts
We go into the popularity factors. If many people download your app, it will go up in the rankings. And it will go up even faster, the more people use it frequently.

You might think that this keeps the apps that are already popular high and hurts the new ones. But new ones have their chance, because it also counts the speed at which downloads occur. For example: if a totally new app achieves a good rate of downloads, while the most popular of its niche is stagnating and only adds a few downloads per day, then the new one may overtake the other (even if it had thousands of downloads). accumulated downloads).


Uninstalls App ASO4. The number of uninstallations also counts
This is one of the factors that are most often forgotten. Beware of uninstallations.

As in modern SEO, user satisfaction counts. If your app has gained popularity and obtained many downloads, but most users uninstall it shortly after using it, it is a sign that it does not meet expectations, and that can be a serious blow to your rankings. Therefore, research well the needs of your target audience before launching your app and try to comply with what users are looking for.

Things like including too much advertising or push notifications without consent can also raise the percentage of uninstallations.