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Branding in Digital Marketing and Top Brands

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Branding in Digital Marketing and Top Brands

Branding in Digital Marketing and Top Brands

Marketeros: What is Branding? knows how it works and the top brands worldwide in Digital Marketing.

I share the 5 aspects that serve as support for their BRANDING strategies in DIGITAL MARKETING, the video
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1. Use an attractive design
Aesthetics is an important factor when it comes to creating a brand for your business. From your color choices to the curves of your logo, there is a psychological interpretation that your customers choose what they see.

According to statistics, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. By creating the design your brand is going to associate with, the process to achieve optimal results can be difficult, but the result is a brand that

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customers will adore, creating the impression of sophistication and good taste.

Ensuring that your design is very attractive can help to positively project your brand.

The effective brand thrives on consistency. This is the reason why you have to think as much about how you want your brand to feel. From the logo to the message and how your advertising feels, your brand must be consistent.

The experience your customers get from your brand will shape your perception of your business. This effect must be maintained to gain the confidence of its buyers. Even this is the case when your business is aimed at the millennial generation. According to a study by SDL, 60% of American millennials expect a consistent experience when they interact with a brand, whether online, mobile or in the store.

To achieve a consistent brand feel, the underlying objective of each content must resonate with the main brand message.

3. Develop a brand identity with which your consumers want to relate.
People tend to identify with companies that share their values ​​and ideals. Your customers should be able to identify your brand based on how it is presented and what it says about itself. This means that the culture of your brand must resonate in the personality that you put and how you build your relationships. 
Let’s look at the trends in global branding: