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The most graphic social network we have on our mobile phones, Instagram, takes a step forward in the battle Dental Leads to capture the audience and not lose users. From now on, on Instagram we will be able to broadcast live videos in our account .

Like Facebook Live or Periscope, with Instagram we can record and broadcast live a video that is shared with any user who wants to see it. The main feature of this live show is its fugacity , it belongs to the Instagram Stories module and at the moment the live show ends, it disappears altogether. For this reason, it is common for us to receive notifications from friends doing direct but if it takes a long time to enter, they will have disappeared.

Dental Leads

And, as in other competing applications, users who enjoy the video can “like” and also leave comments to encourage interactivity. This Instagram Live is designed to create a peak of activity, with comments and likes, but no record of this.

It is very simple. You only have to go to Instagram Stories by moving your timeline (or chronology) to the right and, at the bottom, next to the button to capture the photo, you can choose between “Normal” or “Direct”. By clicking on “Direct” , you will begin to broadcast your video and your followers will be able to join it.

This latest bet on Instagram shakes several applications of the competition. When launched in August Instagram Stories gave a big blow to Snapchat, since this social network is specialized in photos and videos that disappear after hours. Since then, a part of the users who frequented Snapchat to not “leave a trace” on the internet has remained on Instagram since it offered to upload images and videos both permanent and temporary.

Now Instagram lurks Periscope, social network made to broadcast live. Although everything will depend on the reception of Instagram Live by users. What is clear is that Facebook (which bought Instagram years ago) attacks again Twitter (owner of Periscope), which is in a period of stagnation and can sink with this update of the Instagram app.

The battle of social networks to get and keep users is still very much in force. Although Facebook, not only the social network, but all the services that belong to Mark Zuckerberg, has for now a clear lead, we never know what new developments can come out and re-revolutionize the market. And at Mediaclick we will continue to offer the best social media strategies for brands, taking advantage of these innovations.