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Business Opportunities & Challenges – Focus on South Asian Countries

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Business Opportunities & Challenges – Focus on South Asian Countries

South Asia typically includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, also consists of Afghanistan, and Iran. The worldwide economy has long past into recession with evolved economies recording poor growth and enormous slowdown of emerging economies. The international change is forecasted to decline through 7% in 2010, as increasingly countries adopt import substitution and protectionist guidelines. Although the decline in international commodity charges have helped to lessen home inflation and avoided a deliver facet shock, the decline in call for for both export goods and private remittances has reduced foreign exchange inflows, the global financial system continues to be witnessing mergers & acquisitions.

Bangladesh gives opportunities for overseas traders in essential sectors, such as power, metallic, fertilizer, motel, tourism, and petrochemicals saudi arabia mobile number list. These opportunities are reflected inside the inflows of foreign direct funding (FDI), which elevated from genuinely zero within the early 1980s to $760 million in FY2007.. To meet the assignment, market-orientated liberalizing policy reforms have been initiated in the mid-1980s and have been pursued a great deal greater vigorously in the Nineties. These reforms were mainly geared toward transferring toward an open monetary regime and integrating with the global economy. Bhutan, one of the international’s smallest and least developed, is based totally on agriculture and forestry, which provide the main livelihood for more than 60% of the populace. Hydro power exports to India have boosted Bhutan’s GDP growth. Bhutan’s hydro power capability and its appeal for tourists are key resources. The Bhutanese Government has made some development in expanding the country’s effective base and improving social welfare.

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Sri Lanka, the place’s main reformer of business rules, made it less complicated to acquire credit score via strengthening the legal rights of lenders and improving the supply of credit score records.The shape of the Pakistan financial system has modified from a mainly agricultural base to a strong carrier base. Agriculture now most effective accounts for more or less 20% of the GDP, while the provider quarter accounts for 53% of the GDP Significant overseas investments had been made in several areas along with telecommunications, real property and energy. Other vital industries consist of garb and textiles (accounting for nearly 60% of exports), food processing, chemical compounds manufacture, and the iron and metal industries.. Iran is a founding member of OPEC and the Organization of Gas Exporting Countries. Petroleum constitutes the bulk of Iran’s exports (80%), worth $46.9 billion in 2006 Since the mid ninety’s, Iran has expanded its economic cooperation with other growing countries in “south-south integration” such as Syria, India, China, South Africa, Cuba and Venezuela. Iran is increasing its alternate ties with Turkey and Pakistan and shares with its companions the not unusual goal for the creation of a single monetary marketplace in West and Central Asia.



  1. The gift government has followed an monetary approach to create a appropriate surroundings to make Bangladesh a completely appealing destination for foreign buyers within the South Asian place.
  2. Bangladesh wants to be an energetic partner in the international monetary community. It is one of the maximum open economies a number of the growing nations. The Bangladesh economic system has already been liberalized considerably and it is vigorously pursuing a non-public quarter-led, export orientated growth approach.
    Three. Private funding both local and overseas is welcome in regions with the exception of best rive sectors on strategic grounds There isn’t any restriction on the quantity of funding or in the share of equity. Full a hundred percentage foreign investment and joint undertaking with neighborhood private companions or with the public region is freely allowed.Foreign buyers now enjoy the equal treatment as furnished to the home investors.


  1. Food security and inflation are pressing issues
    The uncommon rise of meals fees inside the current time, which has been a world phenomenon, has truely difficult hit the poorest and the marginalized agencies. This charge hike was as a result of domestic production shortfall following successive herbal failures and also via global higher expenses. The meals price upward push has severe human size and has critically eroded the purchasing capability of people living under the poverty line and authorities employees, commercial employees, and others with fixed incomes. Addressing the complication of poor humans suffering from higher food fees remains a project.
  2. Environment and weather change pose a extreme development venture
    The weather change also poses a major improvement challenge for Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s vulnerability to natural screw ups additionally poses a danger. The latest intense flooding and cyclone are premonitions of future feasible disaster. According to the United Nations Human Development Report 2007/2008, one meter rise in sea stage might inundate 18% of land place in Bangladesh, directly threatening 11% of the population. Rising sea degrees and exposure to climate disasters ought to end result over 70 million people being permanently or briefly displaced.

Three. Foreign Investment
Private investment from distant places resources is welcome in all areas of the economy aside from most effective 5 business sectors (reserved for public sector) as referred to earlier. A hundred% overseas direct investment in addition to joint venture each with neighborhood personal sponsor or with public quarter is permitted.

Foreign investment, however, is specially favored within the following classes:
• Export-orientated industries;-industries in the Export Processing Zones;
• High era products to be able to be either import-substitute or export-oriented;-venture in which greater diversified use of indigenous herbal resources is viable;
• Basic industries primarily based in particular on local raw substances;



  1. The Iranian government predicted in 1986 that numerous international locations, chiefly Egypt, the USA, and France, owed Iran US$five to US$6 billion. Clearly, the continuing fees of the conflict coupled with falling oil revenues afforded the economy little elasticity.
  2. Iran had a US$five.Four billion stability of payments deficit all through 1986, in large part because of low oil prices and the disruption of oil shipments due to Iraqi bombing. Oil charges fell from US$27 in keeping with barrel in November 1985 to US$12 in February 1986. Although charges rose inside the fall of 1986, the common rate of oil for the 12 months was US$13 consistent with barrel, half that during 1985. The anticipated US$10 billion in export profits in 1986 become the lowest when you consider that 1973.
    Three.CAIRO – Egypt’s Beltone Financial has signed a deal to finish its deliberate merger with Pioneers Holding and expects to finish the deal by using the give up of May, Beltone stated on Sunday.


1.Political tensions among Tehran and Kuwait increased considerably after america agreed to reflag Kuwaiti oil tankers. Iran accused Kuwait and its friends, particularly Saudi Arabia, of being mere puppets of the “Great Satan.”(US)

  1. Iran’s relations with the other 3 GCC contributors–Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia- have been greater complicated and, at some point of the early and mid-Nineteen Eighties, have been characterized by using alternating periods of anxiety and mutual accommodation.
    Three. The outbreak of battle among Iran and Iraq in addition alarmed the Persian Gulf Arab states.
    Four. Continues to suffer from double-digit unemployment and underemployment.
  2. Underemployment amongst Iran’s knowledgeable teenagers has satisfied many to are searching for jobs

remote places, ensuing in a great “mind drain.”



  1. Unilever has received the stocks of Ambrosia International Ltd., Mehran International Ltd., and Pakistan Industrial Promoters Ltd., which shape what’s regularly called the Polka organization of ice-cream corporations. Polka is one of the oldest and well-known brands of ice-cream in Pakistan. The Polka group has 3 factories in Hub, Karachi and Lahore, respectively. It employs more than seven hundred humans and had a mixed turnover of a few Rs. 725 million in 1995.
  2. In current years, the Government of Pakistan has considerably simplified the Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1976, mainly gives that overseas investment shall no longer be concern to greater taxation on income than in investment made in comparable instances by means of Pakistani residents.
  3. The latest reduction within the variety of days to installation a business is widespread and ranks the united states of america a number of the best in this regard in Asia.


  1. The speedy depletion of the u . S .’s foreign exchange reserves has now emerged because the most impending danger facing its sovereign scores and us of a ceiling.
  2. At the equal time, delays inside the ability of its monetary authorities to wean themselves away from vital financial institution financing of the finances deficit additionally constitute a formidable impediment for improving inflationary expectancies and lowering stress on the Pakistani Rupee,
    three. Lack of properly governance, struggle on terror and decline in investments are the primary demanding situations confronted by using country wide economic system and robust political dedication is needed to steer the united states of america out of the current economic crisis.



With the sluggish improvement of the security and safety state of affairs, arrival of overseas traffic to Sri Lanka has accelerated by 28% in July 2009 in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year.
According to IMF cutting-edge document: Sri Lanka’s economic system will develop five.Five percent in 2010 because of enhancing home demand and capability export increase after the 25-12 months warfare ended in 2009 and as worldwide recovery takes hold.

  1. Aitken Spence, certainly one of Sri Lanka’s pinnacle resort firms, has resumed talks with Six Senses Spas, an worldwide spa chain, on constructing an up-marketplace resort at the south-west coast near Ahungalla, a prime seashore resort wherein it has accommodations and Trans Asia Hotel has been refurbished and reframed as Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo.
  2. There were numerous different tasks via enterprise organizations along with signing of an settlement by using Suntel Ltd with Orient City – considered one of the biggest IT parks beneath creation to offer an advanced information conversation answer, an investment of US $10 Million by way of Dialog Telekom for the improvement of mobile telecommunication infrastructure inside the Northern Province linking the battle ravaged province with relaxation of the mobile network in the usa.
  3. Initial steps taken through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), to set up 8 rice processing centers in Batticaloa district via a mission funded by using the Australian Government’s Aus AID programme, and putting in of s brand new chilling facilities in Trincomalee district via Nestle Lanka immediately reaping rewards the nearby rural communities.


  1. Poor governance may be considered as a prime constraint to the improvement of a rustic. Through a short political records of Sri Lanka this section will reveal the linkages present in some of authorities troubles that have hindered the improvement of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s earnings inequality is severe, with putting differences between rural and urban regions. About 15% of the us of a’s population of 20.2 million stays impoverished. The effects of 26 years of civil struggle, falling agricultural labor productiveness, loss of earnings-incomes opportunities for the agricultural populace, excessive inflation, and terrible infrastructure out of doors the Western Province are impediments to poverty discount.
  2. Sri Lanka depends on a strong global economic system for funding and for growth of its export base, and the global slowdown is a first-rate fear. It hopes to diversify export products and locations to make use of the Indo-Lanka and Pakistan-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreements, GSP Plus treatment by the European Union, and other regional and bilateral preferential buying and selling agreements.