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The year 2016 is coming to an end and we have to start preparing for next year. 2017 is very interesting for Community Managers and digital marketing professionals. The Internet is increasingly relevant to consumers, Ameriplan Leads while technologies continue to improve and go further.

To facilitate this work of daily contact that we do the Community Managers with the users , in our online marketing agency we have created the 2017 Calendar with all the events, parties and special days. The most important celebrations of the year have to be present in the social networks of any company that takes seriously connect with users.
One of the key and most changing dates is Holy Week, which this year is delayed by the lunar calendar and begins on Sunday, April 9. This implies that the carnival is also late to the last weekend of February (coinciding with the Oscars Gala) and on Monday of Pentecost, or Second Easter, it moves until Monday, June 5.

Ameriplan Leads

The last quarter of the year is marked by holidays and bridges, and for 2017 all fall on business days. Hispanic Day (October 12) is Thursday, All Saints’ Day (November 1) is Wednesday, Constitution Day and the Immaculate (December 6 and 8) fall on Wednesday and Friday, and Christmas (December 25) is Monday. Therefore, it will be a few months of bridges and irregular weeks.

And, as has been the custom for a few years, virtually every day is celebrated, commemorated or claimed something. World Water Day, Teacher’s Day, Working Women’s Day, International Internet Day, Father’s Day … you could continue listing and we would not finish. So in our digital marketing agency the most important and celebrated in this Social Media Calendar 2017.

So if you are a Community Manager, marketer, digital consultant, Social Media Manager or the term you want to use to work on digital strategy and brand image on the internet, you can not miss this MediaClick Calendar of Community Manager 2017. And if not you have to be aware of this in your company