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Cipriani To Say Goodbye

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Cipriani To Say Goodbye

The week that passed was plagued by bad news -political, judicial, police, sports and other-; However, he also brought an excellent good news: the appointment of the diocesan VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists priest Carlos Gustavo Castillo Mattasoglio as the new archbishop of Lima and the primate of Peru.

And it is not that we are happy with the resignation of Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, accepted ipso facto by Pope Francis, but, in fact, there is a curiosity to know how the Catholic Church will move in our country under another direction, in this case that of a pastor who has shaped a profile close to the town and away from political speeches.

According to the norms of the Code of Canon Law, Cipriani was forced to resign when he turned 75, and the clinical eye of the charismatic Bergoglio was again imposed to find his replacement in the clergy, this time “a parish priest in several parishes, but especially in that of San Lázaro, the father of the poor “, as the cardinal and archbishop of Huancayo, Pedro Barreto says.

Could Cipriani remain in office? Yes, as Juan Landázuri and Augusto Vargas Alzamora did in their time, but Pope Francis has opted for renewal. And the voice of the Pope is the voice of God. It seems that the Supreme Pontiff looks for allies who agree with his doctrine of evangelization and empathy.

Thanks then for Cardinal Cipriani. How to forget the role he played during the hostage-taking at the residence of the ambassador of Japan. “What a good rest I will have,” he said. And welcome Carlos Castillo, whom we will see in action officially from March 2.