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Classroom CM Blog

Classroom CM Blog

The avatar
Automatically, the profile picture that appears on your Youtube channel is the same as you have on Google+.

The header image
You can use it for promos. If djbouti email list you have a next launch with your brand you can use that header photo to generate excitement.

The teaser video
Almost no channel has it activated and it is a very effective tool. It is a trailer that appears prominently above and that all users who visit your channel for the first time see. That is, for all people who do not follow you can have a mini video that serves to encourage them to subscribe. In this video you can tell people what you are going to get if they follow you or what your brand is dedicated to. To activate it, you must enter the tab that says “For new visitors” and click on the pencil icon that appears on the right (as you can see in the image ???).

Djbouti Email List

Youtube Trailer

Video playlists
Many brands do not have the Youtube material organized in playlists and that causes followers to be lost when they enter the channel, do not easily find what they are looking for or only see the latest uploaded content. What is the problem with this? That if the company uploads a tutorial that has obtained 10,000 visits and then publishes a promotional video that has had 100 reproductions, the impression that the user can take is negative. What is the advice? Create a playlist with your most popular videos and those with the most views. The company has to sell itself as best as it can.

Popular video Youtube Classroom CM
To create a list, you have to enter the top tab that says “Playlists” and click on “New playlist”. Once this is done, you have to put a title, give it to “create” and add the videos you want to put. Videos can be yours or from other YouTube channels.

Youtube playlists

Youtube allows you the possibility of including your company’s logo in all the videos of your channel. Something highly recommended for any business. If you want to do it you have to get into the configuration part of your channel. How? Enter the upper tab that says “Video Manager”, click on “Channel” (in the left side column) and click on “Branding”. The logo must be a PNG or GIF with transparent background and a maximum size of 1 MB. Once uploaded and saved, you can choose if you want it to be seen throughout the video, only at the end or in a specific time code. Afterwards, you have to “update”. YouTube always puts the watermark in the lower right corner of the screen.

Youtube Branding

Youtube Video Tips4. Tips for your Youtube videos
When we upload a video to Youtube, we must carry out a series of actions to improve it, get the most out of it and favor its positioning in the search engines.

Apart from putting a good title to each video and adding labels, it is a good idea to fill in the ” description ” space well . Why? Because the first two lines of text you write here will be what appears when YouTube and Google show your videos.

YouTube description
A good recommendation is to put in that space the URL of your company’s website and some keywords about the content of the video. Adding links to your website and your social networks is very interesting because that’s where traffic comes from.

Video Youtube description

It is important to choose the thumbnails of the videos well: they are the cover images and the first thing that users see. In general, youtubers do this very well and we can take them as an example. For that thumbnail, Youtube proposes three still photos taken from the same video, but the best thing is to make it personalized taking care of the quality of the image and adding a label.

YouTube thumbnails

A good strategy to bring traffic to your brand’s website or your social networks is to add signs inside the video. You can enter before uploading the video to YouTube using any editing program or, once uploaded, create those texts in the “Annotations” section.

The good thing about annotations is that they can take a link to another video, a playlist, another channel, a Google+ profile or page, a fundraising project or invite users to subscribe.

Annotations with YouTube link

Youtube Cards
The annotations that we have just seen are ugly because they are only text, there are no nice fonts and they do not offer much ease of colors. That’s why YouTube recently has released its own cards that are working very well. They are more visual, more attractive and, in addition, they allow to include links to the website of the brand.

Youtube Card
YouTube shows the cards in the upper right corner of the videos. When the card is closed, an icon with the letter “i” appears, if the video playback reaches the time code where you have placed the card, the title you have entered appears and if the user clicks the complete card is displayed.

Youtube cards are created in each video, within the “cards” section. There are 3 types, depending on the content you want to promote:

a video or playlist
another channel
link to your website.