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Complete Guide to Hosting: Understand What It is, the Types That Exist and How to Choose the Best Service for Your Website

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Complete Guide to Hosting: Understand What It is, the Types That Exist and How to Choose the Best Service for Your Website

Host, also known as hosting, lodging or host, is any computer or machine connected to a network through a defined IP number and a domain, which offers resources, information and services to its users. An example of a hosted service is the Internet, which connects devices such as personal computers, servers, and more.

When we are going to create a blog or a website, we must take into account a series of details so that we do not have problems in the future. One of them is the choice of the hosting of the page.

Do you have doubts about what a host is? Don’t know which one to choose for your blog? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about website hosting and what the best options are.

What is a hosting?

A host is any computer or machine connected to a network through a defined domain and ip number. Its function is to provide resources, information and services to users.

The most widely used hosting service is the VP Media Email Lists internet, which connects. Devices such as personal computers, servers , and workstations. That transmit data through websites, images, text, and the like.

That’s why website hosting servers are also considered internet hosts. As they have a central machine that is continuously. Connected while storing and sending data to websites.

Also, a good hosting service should ensure that if a problem. Occurs on one server, another one will take over immediately .

After all, if your website goes down, it needs to be. Back online as soon as possible so your business doesn’t suffer, right?

For this reason, the central machine must be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day.

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To be sure that your information will not be lost, we recommend working with services that have this guarantee, in addition to making backup copies of your website files, so when looking for a server to host it, remember this observation .

However, when we talk about hosting we must remember that there are other forms of network besides the internet.

For example, a router responsible for the network where multiple computers connect to each other via an ip can also be considered a host.

Therefore, if the computers in your company are also connected through the network using the same ip, we are talking about a host.

But here in this article, we will focus on website hosting services and how they work.