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Congress Commission did nothing in 180 days

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Congress Commission did nothing in 180 days

Congress Commission did nothing in 180 days

Since 2016 a series of complaints about possible mismanagement have been made public in the Autonomous Authority of Majes (Autodema) and the special project Majes Siguas II. From the Union of Workers, congressmen, politicians and others buy VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists reported alleged irregularities that were even confirmed by reports from the Office of the Comptroller of the Republic, which recommended making corrections to the case.

These denunciations were collected by legislators from the Arequipa region, and promoted the creation of a commission of inquiry in Congress to clarify these possible mismanagements.

Thus, this group of legislators was approved under the presidency of Wilbert Rozas, who must have started that work, however he resigned from that office when he presented legal problems, with Gladys Andrade replacing him, who did nothing.

They had 180 days to develop that responsibility, however the time passed and without any result, reflecting neglect for the rest of its members.

The Arequipa press, especially Correo, has revealed part of these complaints, which remain in that condition without knowing whether or not there was responsibility in officials and people who made decisions in Autodema, as well as in the Majes Siguas II project, because that is the investigating commissions, the Comptroller’s Office, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary.

The four Arequipa congressmen who are also part of said group: Ana María Choquehuanca, Sergio Dávila, Horacio Zeballos and Alejandra Aramayo have to comply with their audit work and, at least, give a report on what really happens in Majes Siguas II and Autodema . Arequipa expects explanations and less figuretism.