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Content marketing versus Inbound Marketing

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Content marketing versus Inbound Marketing

Many marketers, commercials and entrepreneurs today seek to increase their online traffic and convert their users into customers VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists. Some see content marketing as  a good opportunity to achieve it and others opt for Inbound Marketing. However, many companies do not know what each strategic route consists of, they start to launch it almost blindly, and after three months they decide to leave it, since they do not achieve the desired results.

So that it does not happen and you can select the option that best fits your business, in Súmate we clarify these two concepts:

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy based on creating different types of quality content (blog articles, ebooks, infographics, videos, etc.) and sharing them on different platforms to attract and convert  a specific target audience.

In addition, as we saw in our article ‘ Three ways to use content in a brand strategy ‘ , it also aims to inform and educate the user.

What is the use of content marketing?

The main challenges that Content Managers face are:

  • Increase the notoriety of a brand or reinforce its image.
  • Have a greater number of followers in the RRSS or subscribers to the newsletter.
  • Increase your web traffic .
  • Improve your SEO .
  • Get more leads .
  • Turn your customers into brand ambassadors .
  • Increase your average basket .
  • Position yourself as a benchmark in your sector.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing can be defined as a series of tactics of non – intrusive to attract, convert and retain marketing to customers. Nowadays it is the most complete methodology that exists so that companies can adapt their strategy according to their target audience, called Buyer Persona , and their way of buying products or online services.

The first to speak of Inbound Marketing was Brian Halligan, the co-founder of HubSpot, in the year 2005 . The key of the Inbound is to deliver a content at the right time to the perfect user : that way we can turn it into a lead (contact) and we can feed it with mail chains ( lead nurturing ), qualify it ( lead scoring ) and when we consider it is ready to buy, we derive it to the commercial team.

Through this technique companies aim to get users without interrupting them during their browsing time. The Inbound encompasses many tactics and one of them, the most important of all, is content marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing for?

Here you will find some examples of objectives that Inbound Marketing professionals try to achieve:

  • Increase your web traffic in a segmented way .
  • Accompany the user during all stages of his purchase process ( Buyer’s Journey ).
  • Resolve your doubts .
  • Propose solutions to your problems.
  • Offer the content at the right time to the perfect user ( Buyer Person ).
  • Get more leads and qualify them.
  • Nourish the leads to turn them into customers.
  • Increase the number of clients.
  • Loyalty consumers and transform them into brand ambassadors.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with customers.
  • Increase your average basket .
  • Get more followers in the RRSS or subscribers to the company’s newsletter .