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Could The Katrina Disaster Be A Portent Of The Last Day Foretold By Our Prophet (Saas)?

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Could The Katrina Disaster Be A Portent Of The Last Day Foretold By Our Prophet (Saas)?

It [the Last Hour] will not come until you see ten signs… Landslides [with a sinking down, caving in, or displacement of the earth] in 3 locations, one inside the East, one inside the West and one in Arabia.

It is found out in the verses of the Qumran that all animate and inanimate entities, the whole universe email list of electricians, will unavoidably come to an quit.

This give up, the Last Day in other words, can be the final day of the life of this global, but additionally the beginning of the everlasting lifestyles of the Hereafter. That day, as found out within the Qumran, is while “mankind will stand before the Lord of all the worlds”. On the Last Day, the universe and all residing things can be destroyed and that destruction will take location as the end result of events that have in no way been seen before. In Surat al-Marijuana our Lord reveals:

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On the Day the sky is like molten brass and the mountains like tufts of colored wool. No good buddy will ask about his pal despite the fact that they could see each different. An evildoer will desire he ought to ransom himself from the punishment of that Day, via his sons, or his wife or his brother or his family who sheltered him or every body else on Earth, if that best supposed that he should store himself. But no! It is a Raging Blaze.

It is an afternoon whilst every body will understand the super might of God and could be an afternoon of panic, worry and struggling for unbelievers. Our Lord reveals inside the Qumran that “the Hour is coming”and that it will take area all of sudden, while humans are least anticipating it. In any other verse, our Lord has advised us that sure symptoms will seem earlier than the Hour:

What are they watching for however for the Hour to encounter them abruptly? ITS SIGNS HAVE ALREADY COME. What correct will their reminder be to them while it does arrive?

Our Prophet Muhammad has described these portents as a way to take place previous to the Hour in detail within the Hadith. In addition to signs of the Last Day, he has additionally made statements concerning the period without delay earlier than it. This duration, when the signs of the Last Day will seem, is the “End Times.”

In the primary period of the End Times the arena is full of cloth and religious problems; in the 2nd length that follows, God will unlock human beings from degeneration, war and injustice through the Mahdi. In this period, known as the Golden Age, warfare and struggle will come to an quit, the sector may be packed with masses, abundance and justice, and Islamic moral values will spread over the entire global and be extensively lived by. Following the cease of the Golden Age, the sector will go through a very fast disintegrate, and then the Hour will come. However, it needs to be made clean that, as on all other subjects, we haven’t any other facts regarding the Last Day than that taught us by using our Lord. Only our Lord is aware of the time of the Hour, so that it will unavoidably take region:

Say: “I do not understand whether or not what you’re promised [the Hour] is close or whether my Lord will employ an extended time earlier than it.” He is the Know er of the unseen, and does now not expose His unseen to every body.

The Signs of the Last Day Are Coming True One after the Other

When we observe the Hadith at the End Times, we come across a maximum first-rate scenario. The signs and symptoms set out in element by means of our Prophet loads of years in the past are taking region just about everywhere within the international “within the age we’re dwelling in,” one after the opposite and in the way defined inside the Hadith. The slaughter, conflict and battle being skilled all around the world, the boom in corruption, unlawful matters being seemed as lawful, the acceleration of moral degeneration, the open denial of God, the leaving behind of the ethical values of the Qumran, the grave difficulties being skilled through Muslims, the groundless killing of harmless humans, the unfold of poverty and hunger, the emergence of false men of religion, the popularity of magic and fortune telling, the upward thrust in fraud, corruption and adultery, the emergence of fake messiahs and lots of different signs and symptoms all show that the period via which we’re residing bears a extra resemblance to the End Times than another in history. (For specified records, see The Signs of Jesus’ (bumph) Second Coming by Ha run Ayah.)