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Create content for blogs 2.0 and social networks

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Create content for blogs 2.0 and social networks

Welcome back to I’m Marketing. Today we are going to see some of the basic guidelines that digital marketing forces us to carry out when generating content on social networks or blogs. It is very important to generate good content, which accompanied by a good promotion will ensure us closer to success. Most of what you are going to read is corroborated by Vilma Núñez in his blog, among other experts, and I have personally verified it with experience.

Have you heard about Content Marketing?
Why is the content important?

It is one of the questions that I have seen the most on the subject of social networks and what they contribute. In my opinion sales director email list, social networks are important because of some clear aspects:

The users of these social networks are saturated with information.
These users are increasingly demanding with the contents, as with the products.
Good content is synonymous with good conversion.
The quality of the content makes the user trust our brand.
These reasons seem more than enough for us to create good quality content, useful in those blogs or pages that we manage. The most effective contents are the images or illustrations, videos, info graphics and graphics, presentations and the E-books.

From now on I will show you some tips to get quality content that will attract attention and generate visits and possible conversions …

Tips for creating quality content
Include calls to action
It is about using a special header design that draws attention to achieve an action, in this case a “like” of Facebook. This can be accompanied in some cases with the “add an action” buttons. It is a good way to draw attention and channel the traffic of our Facebook page to direct it where we are interested.

Digital Marketing Blog – Cabecera Facebook

In my example, it is the header that I have on the Facebook page to get more likes that I hope you become visitors to this Digital Marketing Blog.

Use striking and quality images
It is very easy to create images in Adobe Illustrator using the freepick templates, but we can always hire a pack with ShutterStock. It will depend on our budget, to begin with I recommend not spending a lot of money and being more creative. Some platforms like Canva allow us to create designs easily and quickly. If you do not know about Photoshop or Illustrator it is your best option. Some examples:

digital marketing blog

Use of infographics to summarize the information

If we have quality information and we want to make it more “edible” for the user, a good way is to create infographics. One of the advantages of these infographics is that they can be easily shared, which favors viral contents. They are totally recommended and are currently what offers the best results.

Digital Marketing Blog – Infografia 1

In this case, this would be a half-image medium image, but something of this kind could be useful.

Use of graphs to summarize the information
When we have a lot of information or this is complex to summarize with words, it is best to summarize with graphs and then share them. This will serve us both for blogs and for the RRSS. In addition, marketing professionals love graphics.

Digital Marketing Blog – Study

This graphic corresponds to the study “Estudio Mobile 2015” of IAB Spain and talks about the second screen that is carried out in Spain for its sample. It is a good way to simplify the data and make them more attractive to the eye.

Finally I leave some tips that I have collected in several marketing post (highlighting the Vilma) and I think it is important to know:

10 Things we should never do when creating content
Create content that is difficult to read or understand.
Create content that with its colors bothers us to read it.
Create content that does not contribute anything. This is obvious but good.
Use content that does not adapt to the environment where they are.
Create content with letter, that is typography, ugly or non-corporate.
Contents that do not have to do with the image you show.
Unattractive content visually speaking.
Create content with the logo of the brand, or sometimes simply include the typography or corporate colors.
Create content with spelling errors. When in doubt, look for the word in the RAE.
Create content with false or deceptive as a hook to attract users.
I hope these tips help you create quality content on your website or social networks. If you liked my post you can share it. A greeting!