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Create your Personal Brand in 18 steps: Personal Branding Guide

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Create your Personal Brand in 18 steps: Personal Branding Guide

Do you like your profession and do not finish taking off? Are you trained but you do not have job opportunities? You may lack a good Personal Brand . Did you think about it? Having a Own Brand can help you make the jump you need. And now, fortunately, we have the right tools to achieve it: Internet and Social Networks. Do you dare to try?
We should all have our own Personal Brand . Especially with the difficult labor situation that exists today and the enormous competition that there is. The more you differentiate, highlight and position yourself as a good professional, much better. Years ago, in the era indonesia email list of the “mass media”, only celebrities enjoyed personal branding. He who did not appear on television or in the newspapers had it more complicated. But now, with communication 2.0 , anyone can build their personal brand through a  Blog and Social Networks . Internet puts at your fingertips the option of creating your own stamp. How?
We give you the keys!Indonesia Email List
18 keys to build your Personal Brand on the Blog and Social Networks
Marilyn Monroe Personal BrandWe have had many personal branding cases throughout history. Characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe and Steve Jobs serve as reference when we think of Personal Branding. All stood out in their field, had a defined personality and left an important mark on our society. Does this mean that we have to aspire to be known and brilliant? Not at all. But these examples are useful for us to better understand the concept. However, before getting into the subject, we will clarify what it means to have a personal brand and what we can achieve with it.
What is Personal Brand1. What is Personal Brand
It’s a fashionable term, many people talk and write about it, but sometimes it still generates a bit of confusion. For us Personal Brand is:
Learn to position yourself as an expert  in something, as a reference in any sector.
When they think about you, they automatically relate to a profession.
Learn to sell what you do (not what you are).
Manage a personal profile as if it were a brand.
Personal brand goals2. Objectives
Having a Personal Brand can help you a lot in the job search . If you already have a job, the Own Brand will serve to promote you, be more valued in your sector or aspire to other better jobs. In no case will it harm you. Quite the opposite. What it gives you is always positive. In addition, with your Personal Brand you will also get:
Differentiate yourself from the rest and stand out.
That they find you and choose you.
Make a mark in the minds of people.
That they know you and recognize you.
What do you think of these reasons? They sound good, right? Juan Merodio, the great referent in Online Marketing, gives you some more reasons to build your Personal Brand.
 SWOT Analysis Personal Brand3. Know yourself well
You must analyze yourself and discover what your passions are, what you are good at and what you like. As Juan Merodio says, the basis is to enjoy what you do. It is essential that your personal brand is closely linked to your strengths and the opportunities you find in the environment to develop them. You are not interested in building your Personal Branding on a facet that is too far away from you or that is not particularly good for you. Nor is it about being who you are not, quite the opposite: what works is to be oneself, to be authentic. Of course, always showing and giving visibility to the best of you.
You must use your talent and strengths to improve your opportunities. #Personal brand
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Twitter Analytics Statistics4. Set a goal
The next step you must take to design your Personal Brand is to set a goal , to mark yourself a destination.  You must ask yourself:
What do I want to be?
Who do I want to become?
What do I want to be an expert of?
Where would I like to see myself in the future?
If you do not have an objective , you can hardly establish a strategy . You need to mark yourself a destination so that your actions are more concrete and have a purpose. Sometimes, on the way, you will make wrong decisions or carry out plans that take you away from the path you have marked for yourself. It does not matter, it’s normal. But if your goal is clear, if your goal is defined, sooner or later you will find the path that takes you where you want.
Personal Brand Domain5. Have your own domain (.es and .com)
When you are clear about where you want to go, it is time to consider having your own domain . Now there are very cheap and for 5 euros a year you can have your own .es or .com . The most advisable thing is that your domain has your first and last name . There is no better logo than your own name. It is also something that will accompany you throughout your life, so it is the best choice for the creation of your Personal Branding . And what will you have in your domain? Your blog! Next we will talk about HIM.
Personal Brand Cards6. Create your personal cards
Although it may sound old, having personal cards is key to building your Personal Brand. The cards are still a useful (and widely used) tool to let you know and practice Networking. As for the design, choose the one you want, but keep in mind that it should be in accordance with the image you have on the Internet, your personality, your profession and the sector in which you want to “succeed”. The most important data that you should include in your personal card are:
Your name and last name
A professional and concise description with keywords *
Your mobile and email
The address of your blog or website
*Keywords. These are the terms that define you as a professional and for which you want to be found. For example, if you are responsible for the social networks of a business, your keywords could be “community manager”, “online marketing”, “social media”, “content marketing” …
Personal Brand Services7. Pay attention to what you offer
Once you have the objective clear, you should think about the services you are going to offer. As the expert in own brand Andrés Pérez Ortega says , there are three ingredients that everyone looks for in a product or service: that is  useful, reliable and visible . You must take into account these three aspects when you think about what you are going to contribute. I imagine that now you are wondering how to be useful, reliable and visible, right? In the next steps we will tell you. To begin, if you want to be useful write down these three words: time, money and well-being. For someone to consider that what you do is useful, you have to save time, save money or provide welfare.
Personal Brand Blog8. Take care of your BLOG, it is the most powerful personal positioning tool
The blog should be the strongest part of your personal brand on the Internet. Thanks to him you can prove that you are a reliable professional . The advantage of the blog with respect to other digital platforms is that your material will be there forever and only you can control what appears. Provide  valuable content that is useful, interesting, that helps your readers or that entertains and entertains them. That is the key to being chosen! Do not hesitate. Also, keep in mind these 5 recommendations:
The best thing is that the URL bears your first and last name (s). As we have said before, your name is your best logo.
Write content that will take you to your goal. May everything be focused on the goal you have set and what you want to achieve. Otherwise, you will lose focus and lose strength.
Include keywords in the titles of your publications. These are the terms that most people look for. If, for example, you are going to write an article about party hairstyles, go to Google, put “party hairstyles” and look at the bottom of the related searches that appear. Those are the keywords.
Write a post of more than 300 words. If they have less they will hardly have a presence and Google will not position them.
It includes links , mentions, quotes to your sources … It is the best way for others to reach you and begin to gain visibility.
Be patient. Having a powerful blog, positioned and that receives many visits takes a while. Do not despair. If you are constant and take care of the content, sooner or later you will achieve it.
Tell everything you know in your blog. Be generous and share. Works! #Personal brand
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Image Google Personal Brand9. Take care of your image on the Internet. Find yourself on Google
Currently, your résumé is what appears on the Internet . That is why you must take great care of your presence on the Net. There are no secrets, everything is known. And anyone who wants to contact you for a professional question the first thing you will do is search the Internet to find out everything about you.
As a first exercise, we suggest you put your name and surname on Google and observe what comes out. Ideally, these platforms should appear first where you are working with your personal brand (blog, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+), because that is where people will find the information and content that you are interested in seeing. If between the results you find something that you do not like or does not fit the objective you have marked, you have to modify it (if it is in your hands) or reduce its visibility. One of your missions in this first crawl is to clean and update the data that suits you. Then, as you develop a strategy on your website and social networks, you will notice how search results related to your name are improving.
Personal Brand Photo10. Take a good picture
The image you offer is important. And we do not just refer, in a metaphorical way, to what your words and your way of communicating project. In that case, the advice we give you is literal: take care of the photos you share on the Internet. Above all, the one that you put in the profile and the cover of your blog and social networks. Make yourself a good photograph that meets these characteristics: professional, where you recognize yourself well, that you go straight ahead, that you do not have objects or shadows that cover your face (sunglasses, scarves, caps …), clear and with good light (no dark). We recommend posting the same photo on all social networks so users can identify you quickly.
Personal Brand Video11. Use the video to show and let you know
The video is the format most growth forecasts on the Internet and can greatly help your personal positioning. Record yourself speaking on camera and offering valuable content. Use a close, colloquial and natural language for this. With this you will humanize your Personal Brand and generate trust among your followers. Also, it’s a good way to differentiate yourself because it’s not usual for people to do it. Another option is to share videos where you are seen giving talks and lectures of yours. They will greatly enhance your Personal Branding.
Username Personal Brand12. Use the same username in your social networks
It is a way to make it easy for anyone looking for you on the Internet. As we advise you to put the same profile picture, it is also interesting that you use the same username . Especially in the three social networks where you will work your Personal Brand: Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus.
Linkedin Personal Brand13. Linkedin
It is the Professional Social Network number 1 , so you should pay close attention. Below, we give you 5 tips to work your personal brand on Linkedin:
 Write a good description in the headline that appears under the name, with keywords. Put the terms that you want to be found for.
It is better that your URL is personalized. You can edit it in the tab that is below the profile picture. It says “en.linkedin.com/in/_______”. In the part that we left blank, you must put your first and last name (s).
Search all your contacts in the upper tab that says “Network” and send them a request. Accept all contact requests you receive. Linkedin is not like Facebook, where we only accept the friendship of well-known people. Not here. The bigger your community, the more career opportunities you can come up with.
Validate the skills of your contacts so that they can validate yours. The best way to receive is by giving first.
And, finally, be part of at least 5 groups that are related to your interests. To find them, go to the top search window, display the menu that comes to the left, click on “Groups” and write the profession or keywords you want. When you’re already in the groups you want, from time to time share content from your sector and be active (commenting or recommending what others publish).
Once you have the complete and worked LinkedIn profile, with which you dedicate 10 minutes a day to keep it updated and in order is sufficient.
Personal Brand Twitter14. Twitter
Twitter is the perfect Social Network to share the content of your blog and, therefore, spread your Personal Brand. To humanize your brand, you should use a language nearby and customize each contribution you make. These are the 5 suggestions we give you to make your Twitter account very professional:
That the background image contributes to your Personal Branding . Do not put a party photo, drinking beers with friends or your dog. It is not the site. That’s what Facebook or Instagram are for.
Write a professional and concise description with keywords. Include a link to your blog .
Follow the people you care about professionally: users of your sector, companies that interest you and the target audience of the services you offer.
Share your content and also those of others (always mentioning the source). That 70% of the material you share is from your field of work. The other 30% can be dedicated to other topics that interest you. It is good that people see that you are not one-dimensional.
Be active and sociable: post between 5 and 10 tweets a day, respond, retweet and give favorite to what others share.