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Debate on Digital Marketing of 6 specialists from 5 countries Service News

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Debate on Digital Marketing of 6 specialists from 5 countries Service News

Debate on Digital Marketing of 6 specialists from 5 countries Service News

On February 17, I had the good fortune to Saint Petersburg SEO Service Plan participate in the event # AmoSM2016, organized by Juan Carlos Mejía Llano. After the 6 conferences there was a debate between 6 Marketing specialists about their vision of Social Media. In this talk we learned a lot with the advice of each one. I recommend you watch the full video and the most important points that I have summarized.

Social Media Event in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and the US
In the debate with which the event ended, 6 specialists representing 5 different countries participated. Juan Carlos Mejía Llano speaks from the experience of Colombia, Octavio Regalado from Mexico, David Uribe from the US, Pablo di Meglio from Argentina and Fernando Maciá and I (Bruno Vázquez-Dodero) from Spain. It was very enriching to see the state of Social Media in each of these countries and made the meeting something unique.

The talk was formed by 5 big questions in which we all think. Below I have transcribed the most important parts of the contributions of each specialist. The vast majority are text sentences of each. You also have the full conference video available here:

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Bruno: “Networking and participation”
Social networks allow us many things, but especially in the end the most important thing would be the Networking of all life. We can chat, talk, meet and actively participate with our followers, with our community. We have to take advantage of the social power of networks to empathize and take care of relationships with users. There will be times that we do not even talk about our product but it does not matter. We do not have to think only about providing content, but to start a conversation, get to know each other, support them in projects that other people or even other companies have. The companies that work best are those that have managed to maintain a small network of partners or friends; No need to make friends, but support. A network between people.

For many things we do between social networks, I believe in the end Networking and take the relationship beyond being mere strangers, I think it could be the most important.


David 80David: “The Partner Media Commerce”
From my point of view and from the United States market, I believe that the key is to go further and deepen the concept of “Engagement Marketing”. That is, the degree of interaction and belonging between the user and the brand. Second, the digital market today is transcending in relation to everything that has to do with online sales or Ecommerce. One can already attribute, or generate attribution modes, that start from Social Media and end up in Shopping Cars, or shopping carts. I think it is the great contribution that is seen here in the United States and that is going to be replicated soon in Latin America. It’s what I call Social Media Commerce, which is Social Media oriented to conversion mechanisms.