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Differences Between Earned Media, Paid Media and Owned Media

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Differences Between Earned Media, Paid Media and Owned Media

None of these three concepts is independent or opposed to another, in fact, to take advantage of a digital strategy today you have to know how to integrate them very well.

Now, we show you what each one is, how they are related and how they differ.

Owned Media
Basically, they are the channels that are owned by your brand . For example, your blog , website , landing pages , among others.

In short, all those spaces that you use to take your client through the Customer Journey and that are your property, forming part of your permanent digital presence .

That said, they are the digital places that host the materials made by your company and that allow you, among many things, to apply optimizations to attract more users and retain them to convert them into prospects .

Paid Media
On the other hand, Paid Media are materials or content that are present in other spaces independent of your brand, but through payments.

In other words, you decided to advertise there, investing resources from your brand.

Among them are:

ads on Google or Ads,
affiliate platforms,
promoted content,
Instagram and Facebook Ads,
among others.
How to VP Business Development Email List integrate these three types of strategies?
First of all, you always have to keep in mind that Earned, Paid and Owned Media strategies have a lot to do with timing , that is, with the right choice of time and place to give results.

However, it is prudent to consider certain key general aspects, for example:

VP Business Development Email List

Have owned media and take care of them, because in these times not using. The website, blog or ecommerce as promotion channels does not make sense;
Develop paid promotion strategies where you attract more users. To your site, for example, as landing pages, ads or affiliate programs.
Prioritize organic work on social media and blogs to complement. Paid media and thus promote word of mouth, an essential platform for earned media.
Achieving digital visibility is not an easy task, but with. Targeted work in these three areas you will be able to achieve enough notoriety. To attract your potential clients on several fronts. And win them over with what you have to offer.

Now, let’s talk a little about those opportunities that exist and. The advantages they provide to companies in terms of earned media.