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Digital marketing main trends for this 2019

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Digital marketing main trends for this 2019

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and accelerated. When it comes to improving digital strategies to properly position a business, buy youtube views it is necessary to be aware of the latest trends. Learning constantly will allow your digital marketing to be innovative, and above all, to provide results. This is why today you will learnwhat are the main digital marketing trends that are expected to evolve in 2019.

Having an idea of ​​where the world of digital marketing is heading in this new year is very useful. In addition to helping you to better define your strategies and actions, you can position yourself in an advantageous position against the competition. Take note: we tell you the trends in digital marketing that are going to hit harder in this 2019. 

The 5 main digital marketing trends for 2019

Video marketing

Many brands have improved their conversion rate thanks to the use of video as the preferred format for their marketing strategies. And this for something very simple: consumers are more inspired to see videos of a product before buying it. The consumption of videos is undoubtedly growing on any device , whether on computers, mobile phones or tablets. Also on different platforms, since the video has moved from YouTube to spaces like social networks, where it is increasingly gaining ground.

The key to video marketing is to generate immediate content, which provokes interaction and is completely personalized for the target audience we are trying to reach . The live video will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Other innovative formats will also claim their place, such as virtual or augmented reality , which increase the interaction with the brand and its potential customers. (Psst! Did you know that Facebook is developing augmented reality ads for the user to try products, such as sunglasses, through his cell phone camera?) On the other hand, the will be an interactive experience that also will tread strongly.

Giants like HubSpot or Instagram also bet on video. HubSpot Video is an application integrated in the platform that allows a series of video marketing functions. On the other hand, Instagram incorporated IGTV , a video platform dedicated exclusively to users of mobile devices.

Producing video has relatively low costs , especially taking into account the acceptable quality that we can achieve by recording with the mobile phone. The pieces of videos have a great potential at visibility level in any online platform, facilitate interactivity, improve engagement and enhance SEO. In short, everything points to the fact that in 2019 the use of video will intensify in marketing campaigns. Seize it!You may be interested: 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used . In the digital field, they allow us to predict security holes, improve the efficiency of ads on social networks or optimize our customer service. In this last area, chatbots will be a trend in 2019. They allow to simulate conversations with customers automatically , and thanks to artificial intelligence can progressively achieve greater perfection.

Chatbots allow cost savings of customer service staff and a faster and more efficient interaction with the user , so they are a good option to consider if they are effective for your market. On the other hand, the application of artificial intelligence for the analysis of user behavior will be a key trend during this 2019, which will provide interesting solutions to segment the public, save time, optimize resources and accelerate growth.

Artificial intelligence technology allows us to optimize processes already known in the world of marketing such as lead nurturing, automation and personalization of a brand’s communications. Do not stop adding it to your strategies in this 2019.

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Voice searches

Millions of consumers already use voice devices to write lists, ask the weather, search the internet, make calls or listen to music. The search by voice is growing by leaps and bounds , even Google announced that it will optimize the content making it more useful and adapted to the user’s voice searches, for example, making it more visual. Digital marketing professionals must adapt to produce content taking into account how the public will look for it.

Voice searches are concrete, and aim to solve very defined needs. The user will use the virtual assistant of his smartphone to solve an immediate doubt, and the content that best suits his search will be the one that consumes. Therefore, those who know how to create their content taking into account the characteristics of voice searches , and adapt it to them, will succeed. To achieve this we have to personalize the message , taking care of the conversation tone when writing to appear in the first results when someone does a voice search.

Customer-centric customization

This trend is not new, but it will be complemented by artificial intelligence, and that is new. Artificial intelligence will allow us to better understand the habits, desires, activities and purchasing preferences of our potential customers, in real time. In this way, personalize the message of a brand and its campaigns based on the consumer , something so key when generating sales, will be much simpler and more effective.

Digital marketing professionals know what consumers think or want, and are backed by data. Using this data on the consumer (now generated by artificial intelligence) to guide the development of a brand and its products is a trend that will be unstoppable in 2019. The personalization of our messages according to our target audience allows us to create unique experiences for each client, matching your needs. Knowing specifically the tastes, characteristics and behavior of each user will only impact the advertising that is effective for him.

Micromomentos and increased use of mobile

Today, users spend more time in front of the screen of the mobile than in front of the television , surpassing TV as a traditional means of advertising. To search, the smartphone has also already exceeded the desktop PC. This is not a novelty, but when defining digital marketing strategies in 2019 this data can not be overlooked.

One of the emerging trends are micro-moments : the user consumes content constantly, in real time and from anywhere. We are constantly looking for very specific things on the internet , and that, according to Google, is “micromomentos”. Companies must anticipate these queries , so that the user finds the right content, at the time they need it. It is the first step to customer loyalty. Each micromanage is a unique opportunity to influence the user’s purchasing decision.

And this content is consumed mainly through the smartphone . Even the latest changes in Google’s algorithm to position web pages give priority to those that are adapted to mobile.

As we have seen, in this 2019 it will be vital to pay attention to several factors in the face of a successful digital marketing strategy . Making our content very visual, adapted to mobile devices and taking into account micro-moments and voice search, is key for the coming times. It is also advisable to automate certain processes using artificial intelligence technology to ensure maximum personalization in our messages. Tell us in the comments, how do you see 2019? Do you think some other trends will take place?