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Digital marketing strategy and SEO (Introduction)

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Digital marketing strategy and SEO (Introduction)

A good strategy of digital marketing and SEO (introduction) has to start before the purchase of the domain. In this article we will see some of the introductory questions and answers as well as some of the main objectives that we have to set for the creation of a money site, a personal blog or a marketing blog like this.

This article can be a great help for those who want to launch a website in a specific niche or who, for example, need to position their Drop Shipping website. I will answer all the questions that arise through.

Digital Marketing Strategy and SEO
Setting an objective is fundamental for websites that claim to be online stores in a short / medium term. Know how the niche where we want to settle, the keywords where money moves or in which we have a special interest in services director email list. These decisions I personally include within the strategic marketing since for example in the case of an online store we would be talking about the marketing plan. This article is an introduction to previous strategic decisions and basic, later would have to deal with many issues, content marketing, design, site promotion, etc. If on the contrary you have already gone through these decisions, you may be interested to know more about web analytics for blogs.

What are the keywords that are being used in our niche?
It is the first step, long before the purchase of the domain. Do we know the niche we want to attack? If we are already clear about the sector, we have to look for the keywords that are being used.

Know the keywords that the competition uses
This is something relatively simple, just look at what are the keywords that are using the competition (we enter the website of our competitor or competitors and right button: “see source code”), so we can know what are the H1, H2, title, description, …, which will give us very important clues when it comes to knowing the key words. We must also use GOOGLE to show us what searches are made. Here it is very important to look for the keywords with incognito session so that google does not take into account previous searches or geolocation.

Keyword density analysis
Another option is to perform an analysis of keyword density offered by websites like this:

Marketing for SMEs

Practical example with an advertising agency
Example: We want to set up an advertising agency and we need to know how searches are made in the main search engine. We just have to open the browser incognito and try …

Digital marketing

Google helps us to know if the search contains prepositions (in, of, …) or if the majority searches are made in singular or plural. In this sense, Google provides us with valuable information that we must know before purchasing the domain and designing the site.

In our example we see how to put “advertising agency” and put the cursor in the space Google tells us that the search contains a preposition and that it is mostly in the plural, so that would be something like: “advertising agencies.”

On the other hand we see how it includes the location (Mexico, Madrid, …) which means that we will have to take into account the geolocation for this type of business, website or blog.

  • Trick to ensure the high competition of a term
    Tip: If in the search we do with certain keywords we find ads in Google Adsense is that we are facing a niche that gives money to Google, therefore the interest in positioning ourselves in one of those words will be evident.

Branding or perfect domain?

Once we are clear about our niche and therefore which are our keywords, which will give us money in the long term, we must ask ourselves if we want to do branding or we want an exact domain. Both decisions have positive and cons, we must assess what is most suited to our marketing project. As everything that is learned in the University is best understood with an example:

Our website sells fashion products and is called, for example:

Perfect domain
We sell fashion but we do not want to make a brand, we prefer to have one more factor to achieve the first positions in Google. This has been one of the most important factors of SEO for a long time although it seems that at present it has lost some strength. In any case it is important to take it into account since everything adds up. Examples:

This can be one of the most complex decisions when we talk about the introduction to digital marketing strategy and SEO since it will determine our path from now on.