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E-commerce figures Colombia

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E-commerce figures Colombia

E-commerce figures Colombia

Marketeros, e-commerce in Colombia continues to grow.
I share some updated figures to have reference and the analytical detail of what is happening in the
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This is how E-commerce in Colombia goes
By: Ingrid Velazquez
E-Commerce in the country is developing in an incremental way, internet transactions represent 2.6% of GDP in Colombia, which has put the eyes of the whole world on electronic commerce, where be the future of retail

The main exponents of E-Commerce in Colombia are: Mercado Libre, Amazon, Ebay, Linio, Dafiti, Exito.com and Falabella.com among the forts in the field, and in turn it is estimated that these companies and some new ones will be able to contribute around $ 5,000 million USD in 2018. (Dinero Magazine, 2016)

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In the same way there are entities that have been created with the purpose of empowering the industry and generating a space for dialogue and knowledge among the main actors of electronic commerce, in this case I am referring to “The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce – CCCE, convinced of its role as a dynamic service among the various participants in the sector, has created the first version of eCommerce Summit Colombia (May 16, 2017). This event will be of great importance since it gives the scale to this new field that is in development and that can bring greater benefits to all the industries of the country, since it is the e-commerce can work in a transversal way in all the companies of any sector .

The event will have the participation of national and international experts from the public and private sector in which they will analyze in detail the Colombian regulatory framework of the digital economy, public policies and the challenges of electronic commerce with the aim of promoting and promoting the growth of the sector and in general of the country economy. They will feature leading world-class speakers such as Michel Koch, Chief Marketing Officer at Time Inc., with more than 20 years experience in omnichannel marketing trends in the United Kingdom and Susana Voces, General Manager of Ebay Spain and an expert in eCommerce and omnichannel sale.

The objectives of the CCCE are the following:

Generate relevant knowledge of electronic commerce in Colombia and the world, which can be translated into opportunities.
Incorporate into the social base of the CCCE a plural number of actors in the value chain regardless of their size and region.
Promote and promote the maturation and standardization of the electronic commerce value chain.
Promote mechanisms that generate trust to end users and companies with respect to electronic commerce, through better practices in the current legal framework.
Develop initiatives that promote and increase the supply and demand of electronic commerce and its associated services.
Participate in the construction of public policy related to electronic commerce and its associated services.
Generate national and international synergies that foster the growth of electronic commerce in Colombia
These objectives are being met through different actions carried out by the CCCE through commercial and strategic alliances with public entities and private companies, new projects, training in different sectors, media communication, among others. (Executive Direction, 2016)

There is also a government program called Vive Digital, managed by MinTIC, which seeks to reduce poverty, generate employment, and develop solutions for the problems of Colombians, through the strategic use of technology. Its main objectives are to consolidate Colombia as a leading country in the development of applications with social utility to promote the progress of the poorest Colombians; To be the most efficient and transparent Government with support in technology and to promote and strengthen the training of digital talent.

Estos programas del Gobierno ayudan a fortalecer la base para el desarrollo del comercio electrónico, si bien es cierto Colombia cuenta con variedad de datos que pueden servir de insumo para elaborar indicadores que proyecten el impacto de la economía digital a nivel nacional e internacional, es necesario explorar el desarrollo de nuevos indicadores que complementen la información y faciliten la evaluación del desarrollo de la economía digital en el país, en temas tales como innovación, investigación y desarrollo de empresas, así como en variables de carácter socioeconómicas como empleo, talento y competitividad. (CRC, 2016)

To satisfy consumer behavior, the region will experience a second revolution in the electronic market, known as omni-commerce, a trend guided by the use of mobile devices and social networks. “The omni-commerce refers to the channels that a trade can offer its consumers, in a continuous and independent way to the device that they use to make a purchase. Customers can interact with mobile applications, tablets, computers and every device, in order to offer the best customer shopping experience. If the e-Commerce grows, so will the economy of the country, and that’s great “(JAVIER ARANA, 2016)


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