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Economy 3.0: Digital Business Models

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Economy 3.0: Digital Business Models

Economy 3.0: Digital Business Models

Marketeros: the digital era is advancing rapidly and even the first business models that emerged at the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 21st century have been adapted to the requirements of this new digital stage, the so-called Economy 3.0.

What is economy 3.0?
A third major economic revolution will occur as the collaborative economy cuts transaction costs and converts almost all products into an asset with the potential to obtain rental armenia email lists income for its owner. Although the demand for manufactured products will decrease, which will cost many people their jobs, the price level adjusted for quality will also decrease and pressures on the environment will decrease.

All models share the use of new technologies. However, they raise differences in terms of their financing strategy , the type of sales, the different degrees of interaction with users, among others. Let’s review some of the main current digital business models :

Digital business models: types and characteristics
Freemium Model: Consists of access to certain items or products for free. However, the idea is to promote a second article that is associated with the first. Although this model requires a strong initial investment, it usually gives long-term results.

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Pandora case example

Platforms of online buyers: These are websites that bring together a certain number of offers in a specific sector. In these portals, offers are delivered through programmatic advertising and companies promote diversity of products or services by segmenting audiences.
Example, Case Groupon, Geelbe, What a good buy. etc.
Lead Marketing: these are companies specialized in directing users with certain interests towards pages or portals that satisfy their demand for information or content. Each contact is a lead and, if managed well, in the long term it can become a business option.
Linkedin example with its contacts generation functions.
E-learning model : this model has been a real revolution in the field of training. From the courses that were originally acquired in the network, we have now moved to formulas such as straming classes, mini-courses and other types of short formats to meet specific interests. These options are usually based on a virtual campus platform for the interaction of teachers and students.
Example hotmart case.
P2P model: They are platforms specialized in the exchange of products, where users can interact until they find what they are looking for. Supply and demand have a free nature, without restrictions and often lead to commercial links that would otherwise be unlikely. Some examples of this are the pages Secondhand, airbnb or socialcar.
Crowfunding: It is one of the iconic models of our time. Websites or platforms make visible certain projects and help to obtain the necessary resources to execute them. Those who contribute funds can request a small share of the project’s benefits or do so directly without expecting anything in return.
Example Kickstarter case.
Dropshipping : The model that is changing everything in e-commerce, the owners of online stores process automated purchase orders that are directly dispatched by the manufacturers. In this way, the saving of logistics costs and the possibility of expanding a portfolio of products without having stock, guarantees a differential market action in the consumer market.
Example Oberlo case.
Fintech model : It refers to the new scenarios of digital banking, from digital banks, financing companies, insurers and recommendation and credit simulation platforms, helps the financial offer to be differential and focused on generational change.
Fintech Business
OTA Model : In the tourism sector, digital businesses also go through digital platforms that help establishments to promote themselves. search engines, vacation apps and package shopping platforms, make this model a business that generates more than 5 billion dollars a year.