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Efficient landing pages convert visitors into customers

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Efficient landing pages convert visitors into customers

Efficient landing pages convert visitors into customers

The process of creating efficient landing pages (landing or landing pages) has its tricks. buy youtube views The experts build them with elements capable of making the most of it, since their main function is to convert visitors into potential buyers.

Within the world of digital marketing we know these landing pages as a tool that promotes the execution of an action . That is, his role isreceive the visitor with a task to be done, so that he interacts with it. Frequently the users of our website are temporary and sporadic. However, an appropriate landing page design can make it permanent contact.

Although there are other tools to get contact information, the idea is to make the user leave us. In this sense, this is not just another page on your website, but the registration of visitors . Later, the registered leads or contacts will belong to the list that we will use in the email or inbound marketing campaigns.

What should a landing page have to be efficient

There is no universal recipe for creating landing pages, rather they must be adapted to the characteristics of the company. Depending on the product, service that you offer or brand that you represent, you adapt your landing page . However, some tips from marketers can be useful to ensure the efficiency of the online instrument. We tell you how it should look.

  • Worry about the design, but more about the content . A page whose design is innovative and super striking has its advantages, but it is not the only thing that we must take care of. To complete this page you need to adapt a simple, accurate and coherent title with your campaign. The rest of the content must be explanatory, concise and delimited. Multimedia content is always a good option.
  • Connect all the elements of the page . Both the title and the content should talk about the same topic. Also the images and other elements such as forms, citations, opinions or vectors must be in consonance. The idea is that the visitor does not get confused or may feel cheated by the “offer” that attracted him.
  • Eliminate as many distractors . We know that multimedia content sometimes beats written information, but we do not want anyone to be distracted. Make sure your landing page does not have the main menu, advertising, links or is overloaded.
  • Choose simple forms . It is convenient that the number of fields to be completed is as small as possible. But, do not forget to place all you need to fulfill your purpose.
  • Create a friendly format with any electronic device . When choosing the design of your landing page, make sure that its format is equally efficient in any device in which it can be deployed. Currently mobile devices are increasingly used, but the resolution of their screens can vary considerably.
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  • Includes a thank-you sheet . Most people seek recommendations before making a transaction, but you should also feel satisfied for this. Encourage them to register without leaving the page and then include a box where you appreciate their action.
  • Publish your reputation . Set aside a section of your page to include comments on the experience of other users. Also, if you had any prize or recognition, let him see it too.

How does the landing page strategy work?

A landing page is not a marketing strategy but a tool that is used in this. Therefore, it does not work unless you plan it considering several aspects of your product, company and target user. The steps to follow are those:

  • Segment your target or user to whom you want to direct your campaign
  • Choose a product that is viable for that type of audience
  • Define where you are going to direct your traffic , whether towards the user who has a problem or who is looking for solutions
  • Make an irresistible proposal , that the buyer should choose you over your nearest competitor
  • Set a precise goal in each phase of your campaign. Number of registered users per week or specific time range.
  • Study your database to determine which are really potential clients.
  • Get organized, study hard, watch examples of success stories
  • Do not be afraid to abandon your project to modify it or change it completely.

In Internet there are multiple platforms that allow the development of efficient landing pages for your company. Among the most popular we have the WordPress option, you can also try Hubspot, PageWiz, Leadspages and others. Most of these are available to any user and offer utilities to look attractive and professional.