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Exit a Google Panda or Penguin penalty in SEO News

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Exit a Google Panda or Penguin penalty in SEO News

Today I want to tell you how to solve one Buy Instagram Likes of the biggest problems a website can have for SEO positioning. The most famous Google algorithm changes are Panda and Penguin. If you do not follow its rules, your website can lose virtually all your visits from Google. If you have been penalized by these two “animals” here I explain how to solve it.


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Google search algorithms
Before entering the path with the world of penalties and how to get out of them, I am going to put you in context. The most famous algorithms are: Panda, Penguin, Colibri, Phantom and Rank Brain. Those who most penalize a web page and that have been a great SEO earthquake for 3 years are the first two. Google often changes its way of studying and evaluating web pages to offer better results (and that SEO does not cheat).

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Knowing Google Panda
Panda saw the light for the first time in February 2011 after Google observed thousands of web pages for years offering low quality content, deceiving users and content that was already on other websites.

Google configured this algorithm to penalize this type of webs and reward those with great original and unique content. This caused very important changes in the SERPS (search results) and even the closing of some portals.


What penalizes Panda?
External and internal duplicate content
Have poor content, less than 300 words
Knowing Google Penguin
Penguin, launched by Google in April 2012, was born with the aim of penalizing all those portals that made use of unethical tactics considered spam. One of the SEO traps that we used most years ago was to buy links to our web pages to deceive Google and that he believed we were highly recommended. It thus affects all those who get links in an unnatural or artificial way. Many websites saw how suddenly the traffic was reduced significantly.


What penalizes Penguin?
Have incoming links (backlinks) of very low quality pages, such as bad directories or link farms
Have many links on the same page
Links without context from websites of different themes to yours
Over-optimization of links with exact keyword
Conversion Optimization Types of penalties: Manual and Algorithmic
To understand well how we should proceed before a possible penalty, we must know what kind of penalties exist:


piggy_bank_minusPenalización manual: Performed by a person from Google’s spam department, well because it has skipped a
alarm in the system itself, or because a third person has sent a spam report through Search Console. In these cases you will find out first hand when you have been penalized, since in Search Console (Webmaster tools) a warning appears in “Manual actions”. There it is specified what type of action has been applied. Below we list the most common:
Artificial links: It is one of the most common actions where Google or a third person considers that you are carrying out link purchase strategies. Also the abusive use of links with exact keyword or mass exchange of reciprocal links.
Low value content: Copy content from others, automate content or make use of door pages.
Abusive use of keywords or hidden text: Overeximited web by repeating the same keyword many times or hiding them with the same background color through modifications of the CSS stylesheet.
Deceptive redirects: Optimize the content for a certain keyword and redirect users to a different page than what was expected. For example, position for “baby clothes” and automatically redirect to a page with adult content.
Web attack: Upload or modification of spam files through a hacker.
Algorithmic Penalty: Coincides when entering a filter when an update of some of the algorithms of Google (especially Panda and Penguin) occurs. In this case they track the website analyzing if it meets the quality guidelines. At the moment in which they consider that they are not met, they automatically apply a penalty that days later will be reflected in the traffic coming from search engines. Even so and although it is never notified, this type of penalty is easier to solve.
SEO Landing PageHow to know if my website is penalized
A drop in traffic in Analytics at a certain time does not have to mean that our site has been penalized. In any case, we must ensure that traffic is not reduced for another reason: such as Christmas holidays, Easter and Summer, or seasonality.


Steps to know if there has been algorithmic penalty:
presentation_3 Analyze Analytics and comp traffic