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Free 20,000 iconic designs at AIGA to inspire you

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Free 20,000 iconic designs at AIGA to inspire you

Design the universe of mario eskenazi in spanish After that, graphic design 05312022 discover the career and advice of one of the key figures in graphic design in spain in this domestika masters mario eskenazi marioskenazi is one of the most outstanding references in the field of corporate visual identity in spain. His designs are part of the graphic landscape of the country and you can find them everywhere from spaces like the fòrum de barcelona to transports metropolitans de barcelona tmb, among supermarket shelves or in products like evax.

His signature is synonymous with enormous After that, conceptual intelligence and astute graphic simplicity that reflect a way of thinking and an attitude towards life. There is as much to learn from his history as from his way of looking at design. We visited the studio of this master of corporate identity design to learn a little more about him and his creative process.


The universe of mario eskenazi in spanish graphic design

Its beginnings marios connection with illustration was very photo background removing early. He came from the hand of his father who was an architect and had his studio on the ground floor of his house in córdoba, argentina. Every day, mario went down to that studio to draw. His biggest inspiration was cars and comics. But, although his father fed his passion when, years later, mario told him that he wanted to dedicate himself to the art of making comics, as they call the format in argentina, he recommended that he study.

Career that contemplated the discipline and that would also provide him with more formal training. This is how he entered the faculty of architecture in his hometown. The universe of mario eskenazi in spanish graphic design 4 design for the barcelona metro. The 1960s were just beginning and, in latin america, a career as a graphic designer did not exist.

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The universe of mario eskenazi in spanish graphic design

Mario would discover the discipline as such, through the CEO Email List magazines of the time that he found in the faculty library. But, although very soon he realized that this was what he wanted to do, given the lack of options, he understood that the training that the architecture degree gave him was valuable enough to take advantage of it and meet interesting people.

In fact, it was through that same career that he met one of the only two graphic designers there was at that time, who was the partner of one of his classmates miguel “cachoíto” de lorenzi. Thanks to him, mario began to work in the design team of the radio and television services of the unc. His first job was a plate for a television channel, that is, designing the title of a program.