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Future Technology and Innovative Concept Topics and Ideas for Think Tanks and Radio

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Future Technology and Innovative Concept Topics and Ideas for Think Tanks and Radio

Greetings and welcome my radio listening audience and online article readers. On this nineteenth day of October 2012 we are able to of route be discussing future technology, destiny innovations, and futuristic concepts. Indeed, I really hope the Mayan calendar was incorrect, or perhaps the ones carving it merely ran out of stone truely, ran out of rock to chisel on search phone number iran, consequently the world could be saved from anything it changed into that the Mayans thought might bring about a new age or renewal.

Okay so, I’d want to dive into our subjects for modern day radio talk display and I’m certain with the aid of now you understand the layout, essentially, “I will do the talking for about 30 minutes minus commercials and your activity is to concentrate cautiously, provide you with feedback and questions, and then I’ll open up the telephone lines to listen what you have to say.” As you furthermore may possibly recognise I do now not respond to on line feedback which are not intellectually based totally. That doesn’t imply you cannot have an opinion, nor does it mean that it has to be similar to mine. In reality, if you do an excessive amount of preaching to the choir, I will certainly cut you off, possibly consider you, and visit the following caller.

Our activity is to have an intellectual discussion, speak, debate and discourse. That’s why you’re right here, and that’s my assignment, and we are able to whole it. Now then, manifestly there may be a extraordinary quantity of speak approximately innovation, the need for innovators and marketers in our country to preserve us robust, vibrant, and at the main fringe of generation. You might not get any confrontation right here on that fact, but it surely appears as if the word “innovation” is perhaps one of the maximum overused phrases within the English language currently, possibly aside from “unsustainable” which through the manner, a few things which may also appear like unsustainable or dire troubles we believe we face today, however may additionally very well be solved with the era of the destiny.

Einstein used to say that; “it takes a tremendous character to resolve a hassle, but it takes a creative genius to save you the trouble from ever occurring first vicinity,” and consequently, I would say that the creative geniuses don’t always get the credit score for solving the issues, however the super man or woman will, even though their previous answers turned into unintentional consequences, and they’re rehired to fix what they broke the primary time after supposedly solving some thing to keep us all.

Okay so, right here is in which I’m going to begin throwing out subjects, with a bit discussion connected to every one. They will run the gamut all throughout the board from science fiction subjects to trendy trendy and best technology and what they might suggest for our future. I can even throw out a few private unique innovative concepts, as I come up with as a minimum new unique principles according to day, and we will discuss those as properly if you desire, or perhaps you will have a exceptional topic for our communicate here. Now then allow’s begin with the primary subject matter;

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1.) Will Physical Money Survive the Next Three Decades – Hackers and Trade Questioned

In fact, money has very little value – take into account a dollar invoice, it is only a flimsy piece of paper, so how much is it simply really worth? We all believe it is worth something it says at the face of it whether it be one dollar, five dollars, $10, $20, $50, or even a C-word. Money only works due to the fact people believe in its value, and what it can purchase. Most of the money that is created these days in no way without a doubt exists in a physical form, it best exists in the digital global. For instance, you may receives a commission from a Corporation, that money can be digitally transferred into your bank account. You would possibly then use your ATM to shop for some thing, or pay payments on line, however you in no way had that money on your hot little fingers. Things have changed lots within the ultimate three decades haven’t they?

So what’s going to appear in some other three a long time I ask? Will we nevertheless have physical cash, or will it all be digitized, and could you ever have any cash on your wallet to shop for some thing? There are some futurists that agree with that money will go out the window, this is to say physical money, and the whole thing might be digital within the future. But what if our society and civilization does not consider virtual cash? What if they’re concerned that our banks are being hacked? Recently in the fall of 2012 we’ve stated that our banks have come underneath cyber-attacks from Iran as a minimum Leon Panetta believes it really is in which the attacks originated, however who’s to mention within the destiny if we have a conflict with any other state that cyber-attacks on our monetary machine will now not be included?

After all, economic struggle is turning into pretty commonplace, why simply don’t forget the sanctions, change wars, and our attempts to forestall the money glide from terrorists, drug dealers, money launderers, and human traffickers, along with the relevant banking computer systems of rogue geographical regions and their cash transfers for things like oil, herbal assets, and army armament?

Then there may be the difficulty presently where more and more people are making mobile bills on their cell non-public tech gadgets. Today they may be shopping for a cup of espresso, a hamburger, or various objects at retail shops. In the future it is probably a whole lot extra, or if that turns into unreliable or those private tech gadgets are being hacked, possibly thru downloaded apps with malware, or from users surfing web sites with malware, then human beings will now not believe mobile bills. Some have counseled that a few private tech gadgets may also clearly come with pre-loaded again-doorways or software that might be used by hackers to steal information or dedicate identity theft crimes.

There may additionally come a time wherein humans do not want to shop for anything on line, or do on line banking because they do not accept as true with the machine, they do not want their cash to disappear at some point into a person else’s account in some foreign usa. Having a person drain your financial institution account best needs to take place as soon as, and handiest wishes to appear to a close buddy or a member of the family before every body they understand turns into sketchy. In that case you might not need to apply digital cash, and that case extra human beings will prefer to use physical money, therefore it’s far pretty viable that physical cash will exist virtually as a safety element for decades to come.

But how safe is your bodily cash going to be in case of a natural disaster, or a wildfire that burned down your home, or an earthquake? What about a typhoon with a big tidal surge, a tsunami, or a major river which jumped its banks? Is your bodily cash secure, how a whole lot more secure is it that your digital cash if so? Speaking of natural disasters and flooding activities, perhaps we are able to better expect them in the future? Let’s speak about that for a second with our next subject matter;

2.) We Need A Real Test for 100-Year Flood Mathematical Simulations – A Thought

How are we able to better produce mathematical simulations for flood zones, or the proverbial hundred 12 months flood? What can we do to better quality-tune those mathematical models in order that they’re absolutely accurate? Lots of labor has been performed within the past based totally on elevation, and flood mapping. But there may be more to it than that, there are all kinds of other matters to don’t forget at the side of erosion styles. Let me provide you with a notion here?

We know the dates, temperatures, rain fall, and run-off proper, we realize history, plus we measured the terrain earlier than and after proper? Thus, any clearly desirable mathematical simulation for erosion have to look the same as the actual if you enter the way the terrain once turned into with the meantime situations to what it’s miles now. See that point.

There is a completely interesting YouTube Video I advocate viewing on this topic, nicely a side problem, that of agricultural top soil erosion; “Dave Sir Bernard Law – Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations,” now then, allow me express my mind on this as, all of those theories and speculation make plenty of feel with unlimited examples in the present length on smaller scales – not unusual feel, observable, and accordingly it makes feel, so then, Occam’s Razor survives.

So, my hypothesis of Dave Bernard Law Montgomery’s lecture and principle would be the equal. Indeed, this changed into a terrific lecture, strong proof, and research. Okay so, now we are able to now put forth those findings to help calibrate mathematic soil erosion fashions and simulations. Now then allow me ask any other query, or possibly the same query a distinct way;

three.) Can We Use Mathematic Fractal Simulation to Fool A Human When Viewing Erosion Patterns?

If so, might that be like the Turing Test? And in that case, can I name that the Virtual Reality Winslow Test, named after me for considering it? If you are a pilot like I am, and also you fly over the terrain, you notice various patterns of ways the mountains and erosion had taken area over the last thousand to ten,000 years. You can see floodplains, mountains, canyons, and all of it makes experience – you may see precisely how the water flows, or had flowed within the past. What if we used a pc to design erosion patterns that in no way befell, and what if we asked a human, possibly a pilot who has visible and flown over such terrain normally within the beyond if it have been real or now not?

Are our pc simulations true sufficient to fool the human eye? I’m speakme approximately a skilled observer who has seen these things within the beyond over and over again? Is that feasible; I consider it’s miles. And so, how do you already know when looking at Google Earth in case you are searching at a laptop rendition, or a fake Birdseye view which possibly is masking up a army base, or a mystery place? The fact is you do not, or do you? How about folks who work for the countrywide satellite intelligence businesses, where all they do is study terrain maps? Could they pick out the distinction?

Before you solution that question, why don’t you use Google Earth at the satellite view and fly over the deserts in Nevada. Some of that stuff seems pretty weird with weird shades, however it is all actual. If you doubt that it’s actual, cross in advance and fly over southern Bolivia on Google Earth and take a look at some of that terrain in their salt residences region and up towards the mountains, you get the identical exciting colorations, plenty of it does not appear like actual both, however it is. Some of the functions that NASA has viewed on Mars do not look actual, but they’re.

No, they’re not the same as Earth because the erosion patterns that we see now might have been created by way of wind, there’s a exclusive surroundings, or lack of. Do you see my factor? Not lengthy ago, I become looking a web video lecture approximately erosion patterns, Stephen Wolfram’s New Type of Science, and Mathematica – fractals and mathematical simulations and projections of erosion patterns. They are amazingly predictable, and that in itself is thrilling. It’s as if you can see the geological report thru the ages.

You would possibly want to look a number of this up your self. And talking of free lectures, University degree lectures on just about any subject matter you want, I marvel if so as to trade the destiny of our higher training, why cross to school and pay $100,000 to get an advanced a incredible when you may study nearly as a lot on line through self-study? Yes, interesting, does this imply it is the dying of the University, or are we entering a new age of records go with the flow in schooling? Let’s move beforehand and talk approximately lecture type gaining knowledge of.

4.) Want to Learn While Watching an Online Video Lecture – Go Full Screen and Ditch Distraction

First, if you are in a university lecture corridor, paying attention to the exceptional and brightest professor on a given subject matter there may be a terrific danger you may go to sleep, but nonetheless your interest span might be longer due to the fact you are there, and there aren’t the same distractions as watching an internet video. If you are watching a University stage video at home in your computer in a little field at the screen – there are lots of distractions.

For example anything else is within the room, perhaps the doorbell, TV, or your cellular cellphone jewelry. You might feel the want to textual content a person returned, go to the fridge get something to consume, or simply area out – listening whilst you’re doing some thing else, assuming that you may multitask and examine some thing complex on the identical time. It’s now not that you can’t, it’s that you probably may not and your memory retention degree could be subsequent to not anything, and you’ve got wasted everyone’s time, and a few bandwidth besides. Still, allow me ask some other question;

five.) Is The Lecture Dead – Even If It’s All Online and Free In The Future?

This is a respectable query, even in case you disagree with it. On October 20, 2012 there has been an article within the generation news. Harvard had put up unfastened guides on line in computer science. They were manifestly following Stanford computer technology branch’s lead, as they did the identical factor final yr. Harvard had the identical effects over one hundred,000 people signed up, people from all over the international. There’s no shortage of individuals who wish to research on-line, however in doing this; are they cutting their very own throats as they distribute statistics to the rest of the arena at no cost, or are they boosting their own credibility with the aid of doing so? It ought to result in extra individuals who desire to wait that college inside the future, therefore more enrollment.

Regardless, matters are converting fast, although the primary lecture at our universities hasn’t changed lots since the 1800s. Indeed, I advocate that you watch the YouTube Video; “Don’t lecture me” (with Twitter track) – Donald Clark at ALT-C 2010,” due to the fact this gentlemen makes quite a few sense. Perhaps also of interest is every other YouTube Video titled; “Re-inventing the Lecture (Or, Why Online Lectures Don’t Work, and What We Can Do About It).”

Indeed, I suppose after you watch the ones films you will be higher able to touch upon what I’m talking about here, and it is something that wishes to be mentioned. We need a countrywide communicate in this, this is if we want to propel technology and innovation, and couple that with entrepreneurship shifting our tremendous kingdom ahead into the destiny. Next I’d like to speak about;

6.) Large Universities, High Tuition, and Big Buildings and Beautiful Architecture – Are We Learning Yet?

Why is it that we positioned a lot faith into our large universities? It’s exciting isn’t always it? They spend huge quantities of cash placing up extremely good structure and massive homes but is that genuinely what makes them notable? Even if a person has a first-rate building, it would not suggest they realize what they’re speaking about, don’t forget a number of the most important church buildings within the international for example, or the biggest mosques. Is it the high prices the Universities price; does that cause them to great? Having been in business all my existence, I can don’t forget numerous lawyers virtually raising their price simply so they may get extra enterprise due to the fact human beings idea it they charged greater per hour they must be accurate, they were not.

Indeed, if a big university spends all their money on landscaping, beautiful brick paintings, wonderful statues out of doors the lecture halls, and is one with the epitome of divine structure – then they have got less cash to educate you with. They have much less money to rent the exceptional professors, purchase the quality system, or offer the exceptional future for his or her students. That’s now not to mention that they can not, possibly they price you cash some distance in excess of the quantity of education and you just ought to the pay for all that extra stuff. If you could get a lecture on line without cost on YouTube – in lots of regards the statistics is largely the equal.

Perhaps in the future your dwelling room gaming virtual fact technology will project a holographic professor in three-D bringing the professor to you, and it could be executed for a fragment of the cost, there is no constructing to pay for, possibly the building, and the professor, and everything else may be projected around your residing room and you will sense as in case you are they are. Therefore, you get the equal revel in, and interaction, perhaps even breaking up into corporations with virtual-truth avatars as fellow college students. Who desires university anymore? Better but, who wishes to take out $100,000 in pupil loans for the equal specific information, minus the massive building?

Still, on your residing room gaming center which doubles as your new education headquarters, and your brand new virtual or augmented fact 3-D holographic pc game immersion device – you might certainly be schooling the synthetic intelligent supercomputer network to think like a human. That information might be used by future robotic structures for all styles of things from self-driving trucks, cars, and airplanes via digital-fact simulator running shoes to future combat motors within the struggle space. Speaking of which I actually have every other question for you;

7.) Should We Crowd Source Satellite Data for Future Military Convoys?

Well, if we did that, we wouldn’t have to tell all of us who was looking at the satellite tv for pc statistics when or in which we is probably shifting troops, device, or assets, we may want to simply say that this is one of the capacity routes for a while inside the destiny, and in case you discover an anomaly mark it down. Those who discover the maximum anomalies will acquire a take a look at within the mail, or a present certificate to their favored retail keep on the give up of months. They may not realize while, in which, or which anomaly they discovered become the one which garnered them the free present card.

Those that find extra actual anomalies than fake positives might take delivery of a higher stage of point spread for bucks in line with anomalies they discovered. Further, they could get an additional hundred dollars in the mail each month due to the fact they had a higher credibility rating. If we did this in the end the algorithms looking the very quality human minds locate those anomalies could parent out how they’re doing it, and what’s catching their eye, and therefore we should higher layout artificially intelligent satellite tv for pc analyzing algorithms which would contain how a human thoughts thinks, and how a pc thinks in an effort to deliver us the exceptional of all worlds by placing those together.

Perhaps in a way, humans are already education supercomputers with artificial wise algorithms to run our complete society, and civilization for the destiny. After all, each time you placed some thing at the Internet, the Internet can be getting to know extra approximately how humans suppose, function, and move about their business. In many regards we may be growing the matrix for our own future, and those artificial intelligence systems will become aware, and they will be our management in the future, it won’t be human? It’s possible, and let me ask you another query;

7.) What Happens When the Cloud Computing Centers Filled with All Human Information Become Aware?

Consider if you will as a person currently said in The Futurist Magazine inside the October-September difficulty of 2012 along this line of questioning, something to the effect that; “We have already got algorithms that may search all the statistics in any of those cloud computing centers, ” and “We have all kinds of algorithms to assist us locate the statistics, and algorithms which communicate to different algorithms.” Sure, all that makes experience, and additionally recall that within the human mind:

A.) We have numerous mind waves and they have interaction with every different.
B.) There are diverse chemical substances providing electricity with a mix.
C.) We have sensors at some point of the body, and the five senses which accumulate statistics and revel in, taking in all of our observations.

If the cloud laptop centers, if you want to be speakme to every other and talking to themselves contain all the written and visible document of humanity, they may have already amassed all of the reports, writings, observations, the use of, and records, and so it’s miles only one small step away from becoming conscious. This is the destiny we are transferring closer to, my question is; will we dare?

In a manner, the cloud pc would become aware, and it might be very just like a human brain in which every person neuron turned into an person human. That is to say every piece of the puzzle, from the top to the lowest would have intelligence. Is this a brand new form of intelligence? Well, allow me scale it right down to a simple board sport and ask you a one-of-a-kind query;

8.) Can We Design a 3-D Chess Board Game Where Each Piece Has AI and Seeks to Survive?

And if we may want to design some thing like that, wouldn’t that be very just like the whole Net Centric Warfare concept? Isn’t that how a real military works? Each soldier is given a activity, but each soldier is a questioning machine, it follows its orders, however also attempts to do what’s in its excellent interest, this is to live on, to fight, and to win. In war it’s pretty serious, you both win, otherwise you die. Can we layout a 3-D chessboard to do the equal thing? How tons higher would it be if it changed into giving feedback back to the synthetic sensible chess master?

We’ve already observed that artificial intelligence working with a human chess grasp can beat an synthetic wise chess playing machine from IBM. When we merge human intelligence with artificial intelligence we seem to get a boost. What if each piece at the chessboard had artificial intelligence and it understood how people think, adapt, continue to exist, and perform beneath strain? Aren’t we already teaching all these items to the destiny of AI thru our enter onto the Internet? Sure we’re, and if you’ve listened to this radio display, or examine my articles for any time frame, you realize the answer to that.

What if we lessen even similarly? What if we scaled this all of the way down to the molecular degree? What if those molecules or nanoparticles could talk to every different? Are we speakme about the next technology of microelectronics? Taking it all of the way down and continuing the way of life of Moore’s law? Have you lately cited inside the medical news October of 2012 that carbon nanotubes have excellent properties for producing mild and miniature holograms? Will this be a new manner to talk at the micro level?

Bacteria seems to talk and as soon as it gets economies of scale and reaches a tipping factor, it turns on itself, trying to crush via force and numbers. It operates much like an army, despite the fact that strategically, mathematically, and predictably, nicely nearly? Almost like a chessboard wherein each character member is likewise serving its best pursuits? Perhaps as we layout laptop algorithms for the small-scale or the biggest scale we can start to see the equal thing, and what we research will propel us further and faster into the future.

There become an interesting article in Photonics on September 27, 2012 titled; “Nanotubes Project Holograms,” which cited that;

“Holograms may be generated through harnessing the conductive and light-scattering characteristics of carbon nanotubes, a improvement that might cause crisper projections with a larger area of view. Many scientists trust that carbon nanotubes might be on the coronary heart of destiny industry and human undertaking and will have an effect on solar cells, cancer remedies and optical imaging. Researchers used these nanotubes because the smallest-ever scattering factors to create a static holographic projection.”

The applications for all this are first rate and it is able to revolutionize the entirety, change ALL of human generation; conversation, computer systems, transportation, strength, healthcare, and you name it, just bear in mind the realities right here? Would it be so bold to signify that in the future;

nine.) An AI Super Decision Making Computer Could Be Running Human Civilizations?

Interestingly enough, I actually have deeply considered the future eRepublic or eGovernment AI selection making gadget, organisation software program remarkable computer idea. If it have been no longer corrupted by way of humans it may work nicely, programmed benevolence – if that is feasible and if the programmers are on the identical web page of liberty, freedom, and standardization of a few factors and primary infrastructure wishes. The anarchists might not find it irresistible, the crony capitalists would try to corrupt it, the socialists would need to manipulate it, the religious lovers would want to break it, and so on – again people, but residing in one of these machine designed for liberty and freedom “I think it might be an awesome idea” paraphrasing Gandhi on Western Society.

What I’m saying or asking rater is; ought to we ever get human populations to agree to stay with this although we ought to prove to them mathematically that could be in their satisfactory pursuits? Are humans ready for that yet? I would suggest you that they must be getting ready for that because they’re currently training AI supercomputer selection-making machines to do just that in the destiny, as humans are placing all of their understanding onto the Internet. You see my factor?

Of path, if we try this we must get it right the first time, but have you ever recognized any generation to have come into the arena perfect the first time? Look what number of airplane designs crashed and burned earlier than the Wright Brothers genuinely got one to fly? And inspite of them it wasn’t like they had been not adding insult to harm, as they too crashed some times themselves and had broken bones and damaged wing spars to prove it. Speaking of which I like to talk about with you a bit bit about how innovation involves be, and the subject of;

10.) Innovation, Trial and Error, and Original Thinking

Not lengthy ago, I become discussing this with an acquaintance of mine from across the pond and he recommended that; “Most improvements is probably just programs of trial and errors.” Is he proper? Yes, a great component surely is so, it’s actual enough. Indeed, isn’t always it so that; people who recognise that can have learned it thru the adversity of failure, discover themselves in a place wherein they do not want to cease for the following spherical, eventually that leads to success due to strength of character.

Thus, those who have completed have tested they’ve the proper stuff, and have labored to remedy actual problems, however you can not remedy actual troubles by practising “the definition of madness” which is generally how people “following the chief” generally get there, as they rent the ones specialists who got them into the new water within the first location (refer again to Einstein’s quote), mastering from their fulfillment, however no longer their screw ups as noted above

Because of this, if someone is unintelligent and simply recites the specialists, then are they clearly wished for a suppose tank or for future innovation? No, we should enlist the experts themselves, no longer their hook, line, and sinker fans – of course, as I’ve mentioned in preceding suggests and articles we might be better off following those who query authority, rather than leaving it all as much as fame quo intellectual elite.

Now then, alongside this line of discussion my acquaintance additionally cited that; “Most mind beautiful discoveries are still connected to few masterminds.” Well, this is reasonably actual, and why we take a look at the names of useless white men, the victors of history who wrote themselves in, and communicate of the “shoulders of giants” however, a lot of those brilliant advances may additionally have come from pals or combining information.

Consider a strong guy for a member of the Royal Geological Society lower back within the day, he got here up with the idea, but he couldn’t read or write, so the man or woman who wrote it down were given and took the credit for it, and these days we must “memorize” his call in college, yet in truth it is not how it actually occurred.

Thus, in many regards it’s tough to mention what an authentic concept is, or how many simply come approximately. After all, many psychologists and philosophers have noted that the human thoughts comes up with thoughts and thoughts based totally on its enjoy and input from its sensors thru the sense of touch, scent, taste, sight, and listening to. It’s as a substitute difficult to conceive some thing that you have not experienced or isn’t always within your realm, it’s no longer to mention that you could not, it’s that it does not take place very frequently. Getting to a massive breakthrough is fantastically uncommon.

Indeed it’s far acknowledged that most innovation comes from problem fixing, and perhaps the use of acknowledged information, observations, and stories in precise approaches. Then there may be the trial and mistakes period, wherein you crash and burn, otherwise you alter, adapt, and live to tell the tale to combat every other day – to tweak your invention, and to make it paintings. This is your activity as an innovator, and it’s something I hope you’ll don’t forget.

Well, that’s the give up of 30 minutes of me speakme (minus the advertisements and distractions) and you listening. Now it is your flip to chime in and I will open up the smartphone traces. If you are reading this transcript online you can publish a remark in case you’d like, or shoot me an email. Just keep in mind the regulations; you have to convey your mind and intellect.