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Genealogy in Switzerland – A Longenecker Family Search

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Genealogy in Switzerland – A Longenecker Family Search

I recently visited Langnau, Bern, Switzerland and spent two days immersed in all matters Langenegger. My spouse and I arrived on the Langnau rail station on June 25, 2004, exhausted from a long flight from San Francisco. As we left the train station we have been right away struck by the particular character of this area.

Outside the train station are the remnants of a cobblestone avenue, now patched by way of asphalt fax to switzerland. Everywhere we seemed were lovely Swiss houses and homes – lots of them loads of years vintage – and all colorfully decorated with pink and purple begonias located in flower boxes under each window. As we located later, the Em mental is likewise a wonderland of blanketed bridges, pleasant people, church spires with Swiss clocks and chimes, tinkling cow bells – the entirety you expect Switzerland to be.

As we walked towards our resort in Bareau we noticed how pleasant and courteous the locals are – preventing to allow us to go the road and smiling as we handed with a pleasant “Hallo” or “Guten Morgen.” The town is dotted with long stone tanks with properly water splashing in at one end and draining out the alternative. They look something like a stone horse tank. These are to be had to all people who desires a cool drink of well water.

After we settled into our room at the Landgasthof Hotel Adler, the owner kindly invited us to a brief trip into the nation-state wherein we noticed greater stunning houses and pastures. After we lower back we asked a few locals within the lodge restaurant about the Langenegger farm and they had a terrific chuckle. Turns out that there are a number of Langeneggers there and we did not realize the name of the folks that lived inside the authentic residence that we came to look.

The hills are about 1200 ft above the valley ground and exceptionally inexperienced with grass and forested regions visible from anywhere in town. Langnau is small – possibly three or four long blocks throughout and the hills appear very near. Black and white cows cut up the greenery and bring and brilliant tinkling sound as they graze round ringing the bells around their necks. Higher pitched bells worn by means of sheep and goats combo with the clunk-clunk bong-bong of the cow bells making a scrumptious backdrop to the surroundings. This is the closing sound we heard as we drifted off to sleep protected with a feather quilt on our first night in Langnau.

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The birds woke us as much as wonderfully inexperienced world this is Language in the summer time. We loved a awesome breakfast of home made bread and jelly supplied by way of our host, Stephen. We hoped to wait church, but located that our information turned into wrong and arrived too early. Instead we started our taking walks excursion of Language early. Language is a small city and we walked all of the main streets through approximately noon when we took a wreck for lunch to share a small cheese tart and an apple pastry from a small keep close to the middle of metropolis. By that time, the neighborhood museum had opened. It is housed in one of the oldest houses in Language and is a exquisite possibility to look around interior this kind of wonderful homes and spot all of the fancy joinery achieved through the builders. It is also a amazing museum with a number of permanent and rotating famous that depict the history of Language and its residents.

The museum’s docent has lived in Langnau for 70 years and is aware of the Langenegger name thoroughly. She quick found a e-book that carries the Langenegger family crests – one for the ones within the valley (Langenegg Ey) and one for those up higher inside the hills (Langenegg Unter). She also loosely parsed the name into Lange (Long in English – suggested ‘Long’ in German too) and negg (hill in English – reported ‘neck’ in German). I haven’t been capable of verify the word ‘negg’ everywhere – however that is what she said. The e book also covered a announcement, “Ulrich, von Langnau, wanderte 1748 nach Pennsylvanien [USA] Aus (Faust sixty one)” which kind of interprets that Ulrich Langenegger immigrated to Pennsylvania inside the United States in 1748. This is our ancestor Ulrich Langenegger Sr. The book doesn’t deliver a similarly supply for this records. On the map, the Langenegg Unter is just about a 30 minute hike up the hill from the museum and Langenegg Ey is set a mile down river from Langnau. Since the Unter had been owned by means of a person aside from a Langerhans for many years, we decided to take a more in-depth observe the Ey property within the valley to look if we may want to at the least get a image of the residence and perhaps, if we had been really lucky, meet a distant relative.

Margaret and I walked along the river where many of the local people had been taking a wreck from regular life to chill off. We had been pleasantly amazed on the wide variety of protected bridges in and around Language – all nonetheless getting used. We even drove over one just out of doors of Language.

Just as we approached the lengthy driveway to the Langerhans residence, girls got here up from the river and considered one of them spoke English. She instructed us that we had been within the proper vicinity and that the Langerhans family did live here. She presented to escort us to the proper residence amongst a collection of numerous homes and buildings positioned on the property. With a cheery German “Woo hew” she known as out to the people inner and delivered us to my ninth cousin who lives inside the residence in which Zurich Langerhans Senior was born in 1664 (the identical one mentioned within the e book that immigrated to Pennsylvania).

Our new-determined cousins have been gracious and greeted us warmly despite the fact that we simply confirmed up on their doorstep after over 250 years with out a Christmas card! We had a quick verbal exchange about the own family and viewed some of the facts that that they had there. Coincidentally, the couple’s sister-in-law round the corner was in Pennsylvania to attend a Kronecker reunion even as we had been in Language. We exchanged contact information in order that we are able to comply with up with them with information we discover that is probably useful to them. They kindly presented us a fab drink from their properly earlier than we took a quick stroll around the farm to get some photos. The cows were inside the barn because it turned into unseasonably warm that day. Milk from their cows is offered right into a coop of local farmers that makes it into cheese. If you’re searching out some proper Langerhans cheese, search for the Elemental type as that’s what they make there. It is offered inside the US as sincerely Swiss cheese – the kind with holes in it. I need to admit that it tasted a lot better in Language than in California.

The residence is placed an easy hike along the river from Langnau and includes the unique house plus some additional houses and outbuildings. I observed the house a assignment to photo by means of itself. It is an average Swiss farm house arranged with residing quarters and barn under one roof. On one side is an earthen ramp going directly into the attic over the barn this is used to move hay into that region for garage and use at some point of the winter.

The roof is steep by US standards however no longer as steep as I expected in a place that gets plenty of snow. Most roofs in the vicinity are tile and encompass a chain of brackets about six inches high that hold the snow inside the iciness in order that it doesn’t all fall down at one time. Some homes had a simpler device with only one set of brackets close to the bottom of the roof that held a 4 inch pipe jogging the entire period of the residence – reputedly for the identical cause because the brackets on other buildings. In addition, this gadget probable uses the snow to insulate the roof from the cold. Another exciting aspect approximately a few roofs and houses – the developers every so often put their initials and the date of creation at the roof through the use of distinct coloured tiles. Others painted this statistics under the eaves or on the face of the building beneath the eaves.

The Langerhans residence isn’t always as fancy as a few on the town however is big and includes a few fancy joinery paintings that we saw repeated in the museum, on the protected bridges, and elsewhere within the region. The most important shape appears to be big beams cautiously joined collectively at the right angles in order that they get more potent as more weight is placed on them – and held together with wood pegs. On one bridge near town we noticed steel strapping that appears to have been delivered later.

The business of the farm facilities around the milk cows. There turned into a huge area of corn planted close to the residence along with a nicely-stored lawn that appears to grace every residence we noticed in Switzerland. Along the driveway approach to the farm there are a few cherry timber with usually green fruit just starting to turn red in places. The relaxation of the farm regarded to be in grass. My pal John Garland in Oklahoma could call the fencing “psychological fencing” – no longer tons of a barrier to an animal that wishes out. We noticed that a whole lot of fences regarded to be brief and electrified in order that the cows can be effortlessly moved to sparkling grass as wanted. We even saw one electric powered fence installed to a sun panel up excessive in the mountains a protracted teach-trip far from Language. Out of appreciate for the modern occupants’ time and space, we handiest stayed briefly.

We back to our motel through a course the is going along the river and stopped for a rest within the colour of an antique included bridge. We have been exhausted once more and happy at getting to satisfy our distant household and to view the antique house.

Research: If you are learning this vicinity, no genealogy information is effortlessly available in Language. The records workplace has records from 1886, however doesn’t launch it with out permission of the men and women noted in the statistics and the charges to achieve this are very high. You could have a good deal higher good fortune in Bern where maximum of the Swiss records are held. There is sort of continually a person around that speaks English and the facts offices aren’t any exception. The statistics are neither automated nor indexed – but they’re very well categorized by place and time frames. You will want to tell them exactly who, wherein, and whilst you need to look if you want to get the right microfilm. Then it is an old style search browsing thru statistics written alongside time ago the usage of strange styles and letters. Lockers are located outdoor the workplace within the hallway and you will should depart your backpack, purse, etc. There. It’s loose and comfortable.

The Archives de Acetate de Bern is located at Falklands 4, CH-3012 Bern near the principle railroad station. It become easy to discover the 1/3 time I tried. The rail station is big and busy and on several ranges. Locate the elevators on one give up of the station and take them all of the manner to the top. If you have hassle, observe the students and the symptoms to the college on the way to locate the elevators. Once you’re on the top, move in the direction of the campus – the handiest manner you could cross surely – and bypass between two large college-looking homes. Falklands 4 is the first building at the proper after you skip via the campus vicinity. There is a small road stand just across the small park in which the scholars congregate for a cheap and top sandwich – get there early as they run out of sandwiches quickly after midday. The office is open from each weekday except Friday whilst it closes at 4:30. If you need to affirm before going, their telephone numbers are. Copies are one Swiss Frank in line with web page – so take along plenty of coins so that you can get the whole thing you want. You can without problems spend 50 franks in one afternoon depending on the information you need. I did not have time, but you may additionally want to test out these sources provided by way of the museum in Language.