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If you are starting to manage a Google Adwords account, you have probably realized that there are countless possible optimizations: keywords Accountants email list reports, ad extensions, the keyword planner …

It’s cumbersome at first, we know.

However, the most important thing is to stay calm and not want to cover everything. Little by little, optimization to optimization, your results will improve.

In this sense, today we want to tell you about a very simple optimization to implement and that will allow you to show your Google Adwords ad more or less frequently, depending on where, when and how a user searches.  

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We’re talking about the Google Adwords bid adjustments. Right now we take a look at each of them and we tell you how to apply them.

Bid adjustments by device          

This bid adjustment allows you to increase or decrease the frequency with which your ad is shown based on the device that the user uses to perform a search. The system contemplates the following devices:

  • Mobile devices with full browsers.
  • Computers
  • Tablets with full browsers.

As you can imagine, this optimization is very interesting, since there may be businesses that are more interested in searches coming from the mobile, or vice versa.

Also, you must take into account that the increase or reduction of the bid works with percentage.

Another functionality of this bid adjustment is that you can disable the delivery of an ad on a specific device . You only have to put -100% in the bid adjustment and you’re done.

In the following image you can see a screenshot of the bid adjustments, in which the bid for mobile devices is increased by 20%. To modify this number, you only need to click on + 20% or, in the case of the other two devices, above the “- -” symbols.

Place bid adjustments          

If you would like to reach customers from a certain geographic area or those who are close to your business, the Google Adwords location bid adjustments allow it.

For example, if you are a local business, you may be interested in the general public that is within a radius of 10km around, but more specifically to those within 3km. With location bid adjustments you could increase your bid by the percentage you want for those potential customers who are closest.