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Great Web analytics for Blogs

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Great Web analytics for Blogs

Great Web analytics for Blogs

Today in the Digital Marketing Blog we talk about web analytics for blogs, but we can not forget that many of the things we are going to see can be used in a web to monetize. Web analytics is a whole world, and it goes from the simple to the director of operations email list. In this article we will try to know some basic variables that will allow us to better know our target segment as well as other data of interest for our digital marketing strategy. Once you have mastered the blog analytics you can start to perform an analysis of backlinks with ahrefs.


Some of the aspects that will be useful for the content strategy or for example to optimize the publicity of our website are:

 Schedule in which they read us carefully.
 Differences between men and women who read the blog.
 What is the interaction based on the age ranges.
 From which device they read us.
 From where they read us.
 Level of loyalty of our page.


To better track this article, I recommend downloading the Google Analytics template created by Roger Llorens since it makes the job much easier. If we have our open Google Analytics account we just have to copy and paste the link in our browser and the template will automatically be saved in our Google Analytics panel.


Knowing sex is the first report that we should observe and one of the simplest to analyze. During the post I will give illustrative examples to better understand each section:

Digital Marketing Blog-

It indicates, for the rank that we indicate, the number of readers and readers who visit our blog. It is an especially interesting indicator for sites that have content focused on a particular sex. For example, it may be that we have content that is guided by women but that nevertheless we have a large number of men who visit the blog or the web. We could propose the creation of a section for men or adapt a part of the web for the opposite sex.

Sex is a variable that must be crossed with the average time spent reading our blog. This is going to offer a more complete data than the previous one and that can definitely help us to bet on a segment that we had forgotten or that we did not know.


It is one of the data that anyone responsible for Digital Marketing should know. If we generate a graph with the variables sex, age and visitors we will obtain a clear x-ray of the profile of our most faithful readers.

Marketing Blog

This information will help us to understand if we are reaching the age range we wanted or the company to which the blog belongs.

If for example the company to which the blog belongs sells products aimed at people of 20-30 years, we must ensure that the segment that is reaching our blog is that. Otherwise we will have to take measures to correct the course.

The problem that is not reaching our target audience may have to do with two factors:

Bad content strategy or poorly oriented.

Misuse of the broadcast channels we are using.


Now we know something about our most loyal readers, we will make the analysis more concrete in order to better understand our segment. In the image you will see that it is not differentiated by sex, but it can be easily done.

Digital Marketing Blog

The interpretation of the results depends largely on the blog or the web, if it is an online store, if it sells a service or a product, if it is a good with easy-to-find substitutes, if that type of product is much compared, etc. .

If for example we sell clothes for adults and the blog talks about it but we have readers who despite not being the highest percentage are mainly young, we must analyze the reason for this situation and what measures we can take in this regard. The factors to which this is attributed may be several (for example, more free time to read blogs). However, the interesting thing here is to identify that profile to better understand their motivations and be able to adapt a part of the blog to these readers who can give us a future profitability.


It is interesting to know how much time our readers devote to the blog. This will be an indicator that could give us a clue to the “engagement” we generate.

Marketing Blog-

We must analyze the peaks and especially know how to understand them in order to draw useful conclusions in the face of future post publication. It will be important in this analysis work to take into account our target audience, since example is not the same as being unemployed than full-time workers.

It is something that has been intuited throughout the post: the key to any analysis is in the segmentation and the objectives of each blog, that is why you can not generalize in web analytics. The ability to understand life habits and understand the psychology of users depends on each analyst, the tools are available to everyone.

I hope that the article is useful to all those who manage a blog, a small online store or a simple web as a hobby. If you liked it, do me a favor by sharing it in RRSS.