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Guide how to make a Perfect Page Landing

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Guide how to make a Perfect Page Landing

Although there is no exact formula to make a perfect homepage, there are some common rules to increase your chances of winning a winning page. If you are looking for ideas on where to start with your next landing page design.Poland Email List

When it comes to making a perfect landing page, it seems clear that there is a kind of replicable magic formula that works like a charm.
You only have to see the amount of similar Landing Pages that exist out there, and most of them get incredible results.

It is even rare to see one that goes out of the ordinary.

But beyond the small details that we will see in the next chapter, we have to understand a particular aspect of 100% of the Landing Pages.

Above the Fold and Below the Fold.

 “Above the Fold” and “Below the Fold”, what all the Landing Pages have in common
These English expressions literally mean “Above the fold (or fold)” and “Below the fold (or fold)”.

Originally they referred to how paper folded in half, offering in their upper half the part above the crease, and leaving the part below the crease not visible, which could only be seen once you unfolded it.

Thus, the part that was Above the Fold was the most important, and those who designed the newspapers put the logo of the newspaper and the most important news at the top (along with its relevant illustration), and the less important news under.

This concept was transferred to the web design, and although there are no folds that are worth … It is still used to refer to what appears on the screen when loading the web, and what it is below would be considered to be below that fold .

Let’s see it with a visual example of any landing page:

If you notice, the Above the fold part is where the really important thing is, while the Below the Fold part would be used to give more complete explanations about what that Landing Page offers.

The vast majority of the Landing Pages use both parts, but it is not always necessary, and there are cases in which only part Above the Fold is shown, if the designer considers that what he shows is sufficiently explained … or if it is a multi-step landing page, in which each step is a different landing page.

As you can see, the Below The Fold part accepts many more possibilities (almost infinite), because it is only an addition to completing the Above the Fold.

But do not trust too much, that having a part Below the Fold kilometer is usually a fatal error.

Nobody has so much patience to read a few things and see five hundred charts just for you to sign up for a course or buy a product.

Stick to the essential and put what you think is important to convince the user to do the action you want, but do not forget that time is money and no one will pay attention to a landing page that seems to have no end.

If you want a perfect landing page you will have to be as clear and concise as possible, keep it in mind.

2.2 – Key Elements of all Landing Page Perfect
With the Landing Pages, the saying that “one view, all views” is almost fulfilled, and there are very few differences between them once we have mentally cleared all the striking details and stick to the basic structure.

All of them are repetitions of the same pattern for the simple fact that it is a pattern that is more than proven to work.

This is fantastic for two reasons:

Do not be too creative to get a perfect Landing Page
The modifications that you will have to make to improve it over time are minimal (a text here, a background change there, a text of the button over there … nothing too complex)