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Guide to be Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising Service News

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Guide to be Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising Service News

Guide to be Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising Service News

The Marketing Director is one of the professional Buy Facebook Post Like profiles most in demand today. Next I want to share with you the skills, functions, tools and concepts needed to work in the marketing management area of ​​a company.


Javier López Muñoz The Marketing Director is the professional in charge of shaping the Marketing Plan of a company. To do this, you must gather a series of qualities and competencies that I will tell you next.

Skills of the new director of marketing in the company
The Marketing Director has to meet these nine requirements or skills.

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– Person 2.0
He is a professional who spends most of his time on the Internet, making his computer and mobile devices his main work tools. Therefore, you should be aware of the latest news, updates or applications that can facilitate your daily activities. You should not lose sight of the steps of the major players in the technology sector such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and be at the forefront of new trends.

– Marketinian
This professional is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy of the company, therefore it should be well formed of trends and updates related to the use of tools for analysis, implementation, management and control of marketing strategies.

You must internalize perfectly elements such as:

– Social Media Man
We are currently living an authentic social revolution, the way in which people communicate is continuously changing. The Y generation of Millennials seeks recognition and being heard by the brands that follow and the ideal means for this is through social networks. Therefore, this professional must locate what is said at all times of the brand in different social networks, being one of the most suitable channels to connect and interact with consumers.

In this section it is important to highlight two social networks especially important for this professional:

Linkedin Very useful to connect with other professionals from the same workplace, where you can share articles and opinions on current issues.
Slidehare. To show your presentations and projects.