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Guide to build your personal brand step by step

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Guide to build your personal brand step by step

Creating a personal brand rather than a desire is a necessity of the current era. buy youtube views The professionals of today do not struggle to have a successful job, but to be leaders of their own company.

Every organization with financial expectations requires the use of platforms specialized in advertising. In the case of personal branding , the process is equal to any company, with the difference that you can do it yourself without major investment.

Have you ever wondered how people who seem normal and ordinary have such a presence in the network? How can a person become successful just by selling cupcakes? To answer this we need to state that personal branding is a consequence of success, not a cause . That is, it develops as the work begins to bear fruit. Are you interested in doing this in your professional life? We teach you how to build your personal brand step by step.

Steps to create a personal brand

The process to design a personal brand is simple, however, to obtain positive results it is necessary to have a lot of patience. It is possible to start from scratch, but first of all it is necessary to know our skills and professional profile . Marketing strategies will depend on this knowledge.

Step 1. Identify your goal

A personal brand is not developed without having evaluated the reasons that led us here . What influence did I receive before making this decision? Who I am? What can I do? How do I want them to see me? What are my goals? Sometimes people have a trade, an ability or a small business, therefore, their brand is born as a consequence of initial success. However, despite having a start, it is necessary to answer other questions, such as:

  • What is my offer? (sell, advise, give advice, create a portfolio)
  • Who is it for? Do I cover any need?
  • Do I have moral solvency to do it?
  • Have I gathered potential clients or contacts? What is the profile of my client?
  • What tools do I have?
  • What is the name my brand should have?

Generally the idea of personal branding arises from a passion. Therefore, some experts consider that without this many obstacles are generated. What you are passionate about is the engine to be consistent and fulfill the main steps . Your profession should be passionate so that it can be the foundation of your brand, if not, we invite you to reflect on your true passion before starting.

Step 2. Create your blog

Do not be surprised that setting up a blog is just the second step, because it is the basis of any marketing strategy . The blog is that place where we want to direct potential clients. This is where customers will know us and understand what our offer is.

The creation of a blog means to concretize the passion that has motivated us , the site to expose the product or content. Creating and maintaining it can be facilitated by means of tools designed for this purpose. We do not need to use an expert to create a blog, because the WordPress software, Tumblr and Blogger, make it possible for you.

To ensure the effectiveness of the blog in the search for the growth of our personal brand, it must include the following elements:

  • Buttons or attention calls that allow interaction with visitors. Includes user registration options, and pop-us like chatbots.
  • Options to share the content in Social Networks . This allows the same users to distribute your blog information in larger communities.
  • It offers an opportunity to contact you , either through social networks, email or a phone number.
  • It includes a section where to place comments . The readers of your blog will help you improve or contribute ideas for new topics.
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  • Set up a tracking pixel that allows you to generate the data for the growth analysis. We recommend the Google Analytics and Facebook Marketplace.

Recommendations to take your blog:

  • Choose a short, attractive and easy to remember name
  • Write a biography for your blog and try to keep it updated
  • Invest in the acquisition of the domain
  • Publish frequently
  • Optimize SEO
  • Create appropriate content

If you need help to build a professional blog, remember that we can help you.

Step 3. Set up your social networks

Social networks are tools that allow us to be closer to the client. They also give us clues to know the interests and tastes of the users. It is common for visitors to come to a website through a publication in RRSS. Where your audience is registered is the place where your brand should be as well . Therefore, it is convenient to take advantage of the data of the web analytics to discover what the movements of our users are.

Although social networks have different characteristics, we should not limit ourselves to using only those that seem appropriate for our brand. That is to say, the best platform is the one that frequents the majority audience . Depending on the profile of our target audience in social networks, this is where we should focus.


  • Create a Facebook page just for your brand, it looks more professional than a personal account
  • Avoid creating profiles on all social networks. Opt for the one where the type of client you want to reach is concentrated.
  • Plan your publications so that you always have a presence. For this you can help with Hootsuite, Postcron, eClincher and Tweetdeck.
  • Try to offer quality visual information. People are very visual, so images attract much more than content. Carefully select the design elements of your blog so that it stands out.

Step 4. Connect with those who know

So far most of the recommendations to build your personal brand can be executed without much effort. However, when we are not experts we can waste the content of our blog and slow down the growth of the brand. For this reason, it is convenient to get in touch with the people who make the brand known . Tools like NinjaOutreach give you the opportunity to make a list of contacts of successful bloggers and influencers in your sector.

It is also possible to gain influence through social networks or the website of companies . Getting in touch with influential people is not impossible, expensive or exaggerated. It is a task that requires an adequate strategy and patience to carry it out. Before asking for any formal advice, remember to retweet your publications, give a “Like” and interact moderately in a direct way.

How to request help from an influencer?

To be taken into account and not look like someone else asking for something, you can practice the following:

  • Ask for an interview, it could be a video, podcast or a post.
  • Invite him to publish an article on your blog
  • Create networking events to which you can invite him to participate
  • Ask for tips to improve your personal brand.