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How Does Data Visualization Work?

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How Does Data Visualization Work?

Today, people use charts in a dashboard, allowing users to manipulate and manage graphical representations. Through it, you can add as little as one source and the app converts the raw data into intuitive images.

It is possible to create charts using microsoft excel , but sometimes users prefer more elaborate software, such as business intelligence (bi)-based platforms.

This concept brought a new philosophy: data analysis should be democratic, self-service and available to everyone. In doing so, bi broke down the barriers between data scientists and everyday users.

Now, with just a drag and drop tool, any user can obtain the necessary graphs to analyze the results of a company.

Instead of looking at charts with numbers, marketers can simply log in and create a collection of diagrams in seconds.

What Methods Are Useful for Data Visualization?

Ever since william playfair introduced us to the line graph and the bar graph, many visual representations have been used to express concepts and study variables.

Let’s do an overview, then!

First, we must look at the general groups. There are at least four of them:

Temporary: refers to the time and the VP HR Email Lists investigation of changes during a specific period;
Hierarchical: represents a relationship between different data points;
Network: these are relationships that are indicated by lines connecting points;
Geospatial: is a category that describes geographic areas and attempts to convey a sense of space.

Within These Categories, There Are Many Examples of

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How to reproduce something visually. The line graph is perhaps the most popular as it shows a line and communicates the idea of ​​continuity.

Next, we will give you a description of each type of representation:

Bar chart – uses a set of bars to categorize different data points;
Area chart – contains a variety of layers that form an area below the line;
Pie chart or pizza: defines parts of a whole using the metaphor of pizza slices;
Heat map: is a map with different colors to represent different intensity levels.
You can also use the marker chart, scatter plot, histogram, and bubble chart. It all depends on what you want to express and the variables you are examining.