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Instagram continues betting on the entry in its platform of companies so that they can publicize their contents in the huge mass of users they own. For a few months, companies can create a Optometrist Accurate Email List company profile with facilities for its management. Still do not know how it works? Here we explain it to you!

Possibly your company is already on Instagram with a normal profile, the only one that was until recently. You must follow the following steps:

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Go to your configuration.
Select “Change to Company Profile” or “Switch to Business Profile”.
Link it to your Facebook Fan Page.
Complete your data and ready.
As in Facebook, the profile for companies is adapted and has functionalities to which they can take a lot of advantage.

From your Instagram you can share your content directly on your Facebook Fan Page.
Contact button in your biography.
You can indicate what kind of business you have in your profile.
Add your postal address so that your users can physically come to your business.
Analyze your activity thanks to the metrics of your account.
Promote your most important publications with advertising to reach a wider audience and improve your results.
This option is as simple as powerful. You have a “Promote” button in each post you post. After this, the image will be resized to a square size and will ask you for the action you want: visit / call your business or visit the web. Then you select the audience, the budget and the duration of the announcement, following the Facebook model.
nce you have validated everything you have asked for, the ad will begin to work. And you can measure the performance of your ad through the ad manager and follow your general analytics.

The analytics section represents one of the greatest advances for companies. In each content we will find three frequent metrics in other platforms: a) Impressions: the times that your content has appeared to other users; b) Scope: the number of unique users who saw your post; c) Engagement: the number of comments and I like that the publication has been received by the users.

In addition, in the overview of statistics you can find many other metrics such as impressions for weeks, outstanding publications, weekly reach, number of clicks to the web, demographic data of followers and their most active moments. A quantity of information that companies can use strategically to continue growing in the digital market.

Do not wait any longer and join Instagram for companies to enjoy all the advantages. And if social networks are not your thing, at Mediaclick we are at the service of brands that want to expand their activity in the digital world. Learn without compromises.