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How does your marketing strategy benefit from the use of the GDPR?

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How does your marketing strategy benefit from the use of the GDPR?

How does your marketing strategy benefit from the use of the GDPR?

While many companies are concerned about the entry into force of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) , it seems inevitable not to be. buy youtube views  Assuming the necessary adaptation requires a clear knowledge of the regulations and resources to reformulate your current digital marketing. Therefore, we want to help you clarify some important aspects.

Effects of the GDPR on your digital marketing

Given the prospect of sanctions in the order of 4% of your total income or a serious penalty of € 20 million, it is worrying that half of SMEs and self-employed workers do not know this regulation. In fact, 20% claim that they do not have the resources to comply with the GDPR before the date. We can summarize the changes that could affect your marketing, as follows:

  • Explicit consent . The use of the given information depends on the express permission of the user. For this we recommend the double opt-in and offer the option of withdrawal of consent.
  • Notification . It is important that users know the purpose of obtaining data. This implies informing them of the time you will have and promoting mechanisms so that they can see, modify or eliminate them.
  • Resguardo . When there is no clear objective to retain the data or store it, it is mandatory to discard it. The ideal is to have a defined policy regarding the custody and disposal of information.
  • Data collection . Another requirement is that companies and freelancers must know exactly when and how they obtain the data of their clients or leads. It is essential to know all channels and have the tools to audit them.
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  • Security measures . The application of anonymity is an essential part of this regulation, as are the appropriate encryption methods. In the computer field, you have to opt for periodic confidentiality and coding tests.

To know more about how it affects you, here is an excellent article .

Convert the limitations imposed by the GDPR into advantages

Initially, the obvious recommendation is that you lean on your legal department or outside counsel to understand where you are in terms of compliance. These actions must be accompanied by a general audit to refine the data collection methods you use to apply the pertinent corrective measures. A lot of work and little result? Let’s see what can be done:

Improve the perception of your brand

We remind you that the GDPR is designed to protect the personal interests of European citizens. The more committed you are to adopting this new scheme, the better your branding will be . The reputation of your business or brand will be rewarded by a more positive image based on your pro-client actions.

Improve your processes

The process of adaptation not only generates greater confidence, it also drives a necessary process of digitization. The adoption of advanced security protocols in your platforms, higher levels of transparency and more efficient methods to take advantage of the data underpin competitiveness and invite you to redesign your customer acquisition strategies.

Improve your audience

The necessary filtering of the obtained information means that the obtaining of leads will form a more select audience . The email marketing will have to be more segmented and the different forms will undergo modifications, favoring a personalized offer. In addition, purchased lists and cold prospection will give way to more ingenious inbound strategies.

We know that the practical and legal demands of the GDRP could be overwhelming and unclear. However, responsible companies that internalize this new perspective have much scope to improve their profitability and impact on the appropriate target audience .