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How they hire and work 5 Online Advertising Companies

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How they hire and work 5 Online Advertising Companies

How are the Online Marketing Agencies organized internally? What selection processes do they use, how many departments do they have and how are the tasks distributed? Whether you want to work in an agency, or if you are directing el alvador email list or forming part of an agency, you may be interested in knowing the working methods of these companies.

Keys to organization in Marketing Agencies
The 2nd Meeting of Agencies , organized by Aula CM in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, addressed this issue in one of its debates. The agencies that participated and contributed their point of view were: Human Level Communications , Kanvasmedia , Sincro Online Marketing , Hydra Social Media and District Agency .

  1. First ideas of the participants
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  1. The presenter Alicia Senovilla was the one in charge of moderating this interesting debate, whose most important conclusions we tell you next. We have made an almost literal transcription of what was counted there so as not to distort the words of the participants. First, we offer an introduction to the main topics that each one put on the table.

FFernando Maciá Meeting of Agenciesernando Maciá , Human Level Communications
We are dedicated to things that are very young and change very quickly. This generates some problems:

The university is not generating the profile of professionals that Online Marketing agencies need. Luckily, there are schools that generate this type of professionals with that profile and it is very good because many people who had experience in traditional marketing, with a conversion or professional reorientation, bring all their knowledge of traditional marketing and just need to complement with the digital marketing strategies.
Being very new companies, we did not have a model to follow in terms of internal structuring and organization. And, in addition, that structure has to be very flexible, very adaptable and has to be constantly changing. It is so difficult to anticipate where the Internet will go that it is very complicated to work on the strategy. For traditional companies the strategy was five or ten years old, for an online marketing company the strategy is one year or a year and a half at the most. We work practically in tactics.
We have difficulty in identifying mixed professional profiles . The best professional opportunities are for people who come from technology and are able to develop the capacity for empathy that marketing and communication demands, or profiles that come from communication and marketing that are capable of internalising certain skills and technical knowledge.
On the other hand, there is a need to educate clients about how the agencies’ selection and filtering processes should be.

Miguel Orense Meeting of AgenciesMiguel Orense , from Kanvasmedia
An important issue is that the novelty (in terms of being an online marketing agency) makes the sector’s own dynamism the one that pulls organizational models. We are a hybrid between what is a technical project office and an agency. Our organizational model is Startup type, where the structure is totally flat. We rely heavily on intensive specialization of functions within the team. In other words, our structure is very horizontal and each one of the consultants or operational managers has a specific specialization.
Here is the handicap of always finding talent , knowing how to retain it and the handicaps that there are in the selection processes in Spain at all levels. For example, we have not found profiles that know and dominate the English part. Finding a hybrid and wildcard profile that works for everything is very difficult for us. Here we play with two options: try to train internal profiles or hire more senior profiles that have years of experience. We are looking for people who have an attitude and passion for online marketing.
We encourage internal R & D. The changes in Google and in the sector are constant, so we have a small research department through which we channel all new issues that come out. We encourage self-learning and self-training of the team.
And, very important, also the agencies have to unlearn . What was done in a way 2 or 3 years ago, now is not done with it.

Nano Lamberti Meeting of AgenciesNano Lamberti , Sincro Marketing Online
There is no absolute truth. If each agency works its selection and organization system, welcome it.

Our organization system is horizontal , where everyone has their specialty, and we have a collaborative training system. Nowadays, the client demands that we take more responsibility for marketing tasks in general, rather than specifically for online marketing, and that we advise him on his business completely. Not only we divide ourselves into Social Media, SEO, web design, but we also get into product, price, customer service, a lot in the offline part, since that affects our online work. For this same reason, our collaborative training system is based on having a community manager know the entire business strategy, from the start of a talk with the client to the first analysis and its result. The same with the other specialties. That is,

Daniel Marote Meeting of AgenciesDaniel Marote , Hydra Social Media
It is very difficult to be up to date with what is happening, so being self-taught in our profession is very important. I am not against the schools. On the contrary, I believe a lot in training, but being self-taught is fundamental. I believe that it is important to generate an environment that promotes knowledge to happen . Having observatories, work teams, a newsletter of your own … That is, you have to have resources that force and force the team to learn.
Another thing that I really like about how the organization of the agencies has evolved is that the creative is not god anymore. Now sometimes the fellow has the best idea and we are going to present a huge project with an idea that the fellow gave. I love this. For this it is necessary to have method and process, but it happens. It was not like this in the past.
In this hierarchical structures are impossible , because this goes very fast, we can not be behind people and we can not be constantly monitoring. It does not give time to be able to go to the speed that goes the market.
The relationship with our final customers has changed a lot . Before the creative or the development team of the campaign was the one that said “I believe that and this is what we are going to do”. Now we are working on co-creation in three parts: we co-create with our team, we co-create with our client (brand), but we also co-create with our final client, which is the one we all want to reach. And this is something that we used to lose: we were trying to make the brand fall in love and the brand was trying to make the final customer fall in love. And in that process we are wrong many times. We are making a great effort to try to convince the brand or communication directors to let us pass this filter and try to reach the end user.
In terms of selection processes , I really like intuition. I look people in the eye and see what they tell me. I think that good people are the best in anything. With which, I always see the heart before anything.
I do not agree with the mixed profiles, although I know that the market demands it. I believe a lot in hyperspecialization . I think that people should really focus on knowing one thing and knowing it well. That is where it will contribute value and it will be differential. When someone tells me they know everything, I know that they are an expert of nothing and that they will provide little value. With which, I often fall out of love with the one who says he knows a little about everything.
I’m looking for an entrepreneurial spirit . I think that to go fast we need to push many at once. Not only can the owner, the CEO and his three partners push. You have to push all the equipment. It is necessary for people to have an entrepreneurial spirit.