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How to activate AMP in WordPress

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How to activate AMP in WordPress

How to activate AMP in WordPress

Activating AMP in WordPress can be a turning point for our website, especially if we focus on usability and user experience. This technology will improve some metrics such as the number of unique users, time on the site, bounce%, etc.

One of the main causes of abandonment, both from mobile devices and desktop, is the loading speed human resources email list. Who waits more than 3 seconds to load a web?

Google does not stop telling us how important is the speed of our site for SEO positioning. The signs can not be clearer. With this tool from Google we can know the loading time of our website and compare it with websites of the competition.

Over the years, all WordPress themes will have this technology natively, but in the meantime we can use some plugins to solve the problem. Long live the plugins!

  • If you only want to know the plugins to implement AMP, go to the end of the article.

What is AMP?
AMP is a more simplified version of the web, which is why to specify the HTML language, what is strictly necessary to load and read the article. This improves the content loading and gives more visibility to the articles in the search engines.

How many visitors do you have from mobile devices?

That is the question you must ask yourself to assess the implementation of AMP HTML. The media have been the main stakeholders in this technology and the first to implement it.

Digital analytics in AMP articles
The digital analytics in articles AMP is one of the things that caused me confusion when they started talking about this technology. What happens with cookies? What’s up with Javascript?

The main web analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics already take into account AMP HTML technology and have developed specially designed structures to measure users, behavior and conversions.

SEO in AMP articles
Google has already said that implementing AMP will be a positive point for SEO positioning, that is, one of the more than 200 SEO factors that affect organic positioning, especially from mobile devices.

What happens with the duplicate content?

This was my main concern SEO, since I had the content in two formats could be the case of duplication of content. However, Google has thought about it and the solution is to add the canonical label to indicate what HTML content we are referring to.

Google will choose when to display AMP content, it will be necessary to have access to mobile devices. Remember that this option is specially designed for articles or post.

Digital Advertising for AMP articles
For those websites that are nourished by advertising in articles, the arrival of AMP html has generated a stir. Most sites have the advertising model as a source of income and this cleaner format can affect the banners that are displayed.

On this topic Google wants to reach an intermediate point where both publishers, advertisers and users find their useful function.

In my opinion, if your site obtains more than 30-40% of revenues through advertising banners, you will have to know how to make this implementation.

How to activate AMP in WordPress
To activate articles with the AMP format in WordPress is VERY EASY! You just have to install a plugin that will automatically convert our article into the AMP HTML format.